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Operation Shotgun
Last Updated   9 January 2012
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Transporting the FNG's in... and the Short Timer's out.

15 November The Battalion was officially assigned the mission of Operation SHOTGUN, escort security in support of the 90th Replacement Battalion troop transports to and from Long Binh Post.

   Battalion records indicate that all three organic companies of the 720th MP Battalion, and the 615th MP Company, provided the escorts on a rotating basis.


  The escorts started with B Company followed by, A Company, 615th MP Company, then C Company through 1967 into early 1968.

    A more detailed account will be forthcoming upon review of all outstanding battalion logs for 1967 and 1968.

  Troop transport busses were escorted in day as well as nighttime between Long Binh Post, Bien Hoa Air Base and Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Camp Alpha, outside of Saigon.

Camp Alpha Was the location of the 90th Replacement Battalion facility until the unit moved to Long Binh Post.

   After the move the facility was continued to be used as a processing and billet area for arrivals and departures for R&R.
Photo G0800: Formation of new arrivals getting an orientation lecture at the 90th Replacement Battalion on Long Binh Post in December 1969. Courtesy of SP/4 Charles R. Smith, A Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1969 to November 1970.
   The MPs provided gun jeep escorts for the military busses and vehicles used to transport the unarmed troops that were arriving and departing the Vietnam theater of war in III and IV Corps Tactical Zones.
August-October According to the Battalion Operations Report-Lessons Learned for August-October 1967, the duties for Operation SHOTGUN were shared by A and B Company.
   The escorts continued for several years, the exact reason or date of when the 720th stopped the escorts is at this time unknown. It is believed that they were assigned to the 615th MP Company, when it was reassigned subordinate to the 95th MP Battalion( Long Binh Post) early in the year.
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