Trang Bang Convoy
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18th Bde.
Trang Bang was located on Highway QL-1 several miles northwest of Cu Chi in Tay Ninh Province, III Corps Tactical Zone. The convoy stop was one of several along the Tay Ninh Convoy route from Saigon then Long Binh.

        During the run to Tay Ninh a predesignated convoy march unit would break off from the main convoy and travel the short distance to supply the Trang Bang base.

        Throughout the war the base and surrounding areas were home to elements of the 1st, 9th, and 25th Infantry Divisions.

1972  ~ The Truth Behind The Tragedy At Trang Bang

8 June We all recall the horrific photograph of the young naked Vietnamese girl (Kim Phuc), burned by napalm and fleeing the Village of Trang Bang, that was presented by the National and World Press as another American atrocity of the Vietnam War.

        On Veterans Day of 1996, at the Vietnam Wall Memorial, the world was once again told of an American who ordered the bombing of the village of Trang Bang, Viet Nam, that resulted in the famous photo. Kim Phuc was in attendance, invited by Jan Scruggs to "forgive the Americans who bombed her village." Was this a long overdue healing of an old wound or a slick marketing plan by all involved?

        Major Ronald M. Timberlake (Retired), in his unwaining search for the truth behind the tragedy, has contributed to dispelling the MYTH about the Bombing of Trang Bang by American forces.

Photo by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut won a Pulitzer Prize. Photo © 1972 Nick Ut
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