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89th Military Police Group
18th Military Police Brigade

   The 89th Military Police Group was activated in South Vietnam on 23 March 1966 with an authorized staff of thirty-seven personnel. Group HQ was physically located first at Tent City-B, then Pershing Field, both outside Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base (Saigon Capital Military District). It provided Army wide military police support throughout South Vietnam from 1 August-26 September 1966 until the activation of Brigade. Upon the arrival of the Brigade the Group was assigned subordinate, and was tasked with operational control of all units assigned and attached within the areas of CTZ III and IV, minus the Capital Military District that remained under OPCON of United States Army Headquarters Area Command (USAHAC).

   By October 1966 with the arrival of the 720th, the 89th Groupís strength with all MOSís was 2,700.

   On 1 January 1967 Group HQ moved to Long Binh Post. Each of the two Groups was assigned an Army-level MP Battalion with three organic letter companies trained for traditional missions. They were the Groupís workhorse or go-to battalions, and the 720th was the workhorse of the 89th Group.

   On 21 December 1971 with the removal of U.S. forces from Vietnam during the Vietnamization Program, Group HQ was inactivated. On 13 September 1972 it was reactivated at Fort Lewis, Washington remaining until 21 February 1976 when its colors were transferred to Fort Hood, Texas.

18th MP

   On 16 July 1981 the 89th MP Group was reorganized as the 89th Military Police Brigade, to which the 720th MP Battalion is now subordinate at Fort Hood, Texas.

   WANTED: We invite any members of the Vietnam era 89th MP Group Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment to submit photographs of their compound and facilities for posting on this website page. Please use the Email Link above to contact the History Project Manager.

18th MP
716th MP
92nd MP
95th MP
720th MP
Miscellaneous Photographs
 1966- SGT Vonnie A. Johnson, A Company outside the Group compound.
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