720th Military Police Battalion
Reunion Association
    This Challenge Coin was designed and commissioned by the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association, Inc.© Board of Directors to honor the service of all the Battalion's Veterans, regardless of MOS, who since January of 1942 have faithfully answered their Nation's call to duty in times of peace or conflict.

    Many Challenge Coins are awarded by unit commanders to their soldiers for excellence in the performance of specific duties or service to their units.

    Our Challenge Coin recognizes your call to arms and the honorable, dedicated and efficient manner in which you discharged your duties throughout your tour with the Battalion.  Possession of this coin will forever verify and honor your service as a "Soldier of The Gauntlet."

    The 2" brass coin has an antiqued finish with a bright, gold-color, matte finish border.

    Within the upper half of the outer circle we proudly display the battalions name, “720th MILITARY POLICE BATTALION;" and, in the lower half our name "REUNION ASSOCIATION, INC.”

    The center of the coin contains a raised set of crossed Harpers Ferry Pistols, signifying the U. S. Army Military Police Branch.

    Centered over the pistols is the Battalion Crest, with the scroll bearing the battalion motto of “ORDERLY REGULATION.”

    Above and below the crest and pistols, in raised lettering is the Military Police Corps Motto… “OF THE TROOPS AND FOR THE TROOPS,” to which we added “ALWAYS,” signifying our veteran's untiring devotion and support of our military when we served, and also our continuing support of those men and women who now fill our ranks.


    Within the outer circle of the coin's back we proudly declare the holder of this coin is a “VETERAN OF THE 720th MILITARY POLICE BATTALION – UNITED STATES ARMY.”

    The center of the coin contains a full color, raised American Flag. To its left is a raised Sword (denoting "military") and to the right a raised Roman Fasces (denoting "Justice.").  Both are displayed to symbolize our proud history of military law and order.

    Above and continued below the flag is written as a tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters… “LEST WE FORGET… THE SOLDIERS OF THE GAUNTLET HAVE BEEN SERVING OUR NATION AND THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM THROUGHOUT THE WORLD SINCE 1942.”

    All donations will benefit the continuation of services and events provided and supported by the Association.
    These coins are available to all veterans, their family members and friends of the battalion; and, each coin comes in a heavy duty, poly vinyl envelope to protect its finish.
    When requesting a coin, mail your $20.00 donation (to the address below) in personal check or money order with "COIN" written in the memo section or attach a note with a telephone number where you can be reached in the event there is a question about your request or return address.
Gary Sundt, Quartermaster
2802 45th Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98501-4867


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donation includes postage & handling in the U.S. and its territories.  Do not send cash!  Your donation must be in the form of a U.S. money order; or, personal check from a U.S. savings or banking institution.  For foreign orders; or, quantity requests (over 5 coins), "Click Here" to email Gary Sundt.