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        Membership in the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association is open to all veterans who served in the battalions organic units from all eras, or whose unit was at any time attached subordinate to the battalion for operational - administrative or logistical purposes. Even if you served in the unit at a time it was not officially attached to the 720th, but was serving in the same theatre of operation.
Member counts listed do not include spouses or guest unless noted otherwise.
1981 Dates unknown, Ft. Hood, Texas, 25 members gather to plan the associations future.
1982 18-20 June, Ft. Hood, Holiday Inn, Killeen, Texas, attendance unknown.
Copy of the original 1982 First Reunion Package.
1987 June, Ft. Hood, Holiday Inn, Killeen, Texas, attendance unknown.
1989 22-25 June, Ft. Meade, Holiday inn, Laurel, Maryland, 57 members.
1990 24-26 August, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Midway Motor Lodge-Airport, 58 members.
1991 9-11 ? Salinas, California, Ramada Inn, 43 members.
1992 17-19 January, 50th Anniversary of the 720th, , Sheridan Hotel Plaza, Ft. Hood, Killeen, Texas, 68 members.
1993 22-26 September, 52nd Anniversary of MP Corps, Ft. McClelland, Alabama, Holiday Inn Anniston, 46 members.
1994 20-22 October, Las Vegas, Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, 44 members.
1995 54th Anniversary of MP Corps. 21-23 September Ft. Hood, Plaza Hotel, Killeen, Texas, attendance unreported.
1996 Tour of MP Regimental Museum and Memorial Grove. 28-30 August, Ft. McClelland, Holiday Inn Anniston, Alabama, attendance unknown.
1997 August, Ft. McClelland, Holiday inn, Oxford, Alabama, attendance unknown.
1998 6-9 August, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Plaza Hotel, attendance unknown.
1999 3-5 August, Casino Magic Hotel, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, attendance unknown.
2002 60th Anniversary of the 720th. 17-20 January, Ft. Hood, Park Inn Hotel, Killeen, Texas, 55 members.
2004 23-25 September, MP Corps Anniversary, Beaumont Inn & Suites St. Robert, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. Attendance unknown.
2006 New Orleans, Louisiana, canceled due to hurricane Katrina.
2008 15-19 May, El Tropicana Hotel, San Antonio, TX, 56 members, with guests, 86.
2010 28 May-1 June, Sheraton Crystal City, Arlington-Washington, DC, 85 members with guests 160.
2012 9-13 September, Chateau LaMoyne, New Orleans, LA, 52 members with guests 85.
2014 1-5 May, Antlers Hilton Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
2016 1-5 May, Charleston, SC, Crown Plaza & Convention Center
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