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MAJ Baxter M. Bullock

Commanding Officer (Interim) of the 720th Military Police Battalion
10 June to 24 July 1961, Fort Hood, Texas

There are no 1961 photographs of MAJ Bullock currently available. If you have one to contribute, use the Email Link on the Commander's Index page.

   MAJ Bullock received interim command of the Battalion from LTC Reynolds at Fort Hood, Texas in 1961.

   On 24 July 1961 he passed command to LTC Robert P. Hotaling.

  CPT Baxter M. Bullock the battalion operations officer and later adjutant at Fort Hood, Texas was promoted to MAJ in December 1960. At the departure of LTC Harold K. Reynolds on 10 June 1961, MAJ Bullock served as the Interim Battalion Commander until the arrival of LTC Robert P. Hotaling on 24 July. The interim command and a later command of the Battalion in Vietnam from 7 June 1968-11 February 1969, gives him the distinction of being the only officer to have twice served as the commander of the 720th MP Battalion.
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