~ 720th Military Police Battalion Vietnam History Project ~
88th MP Company (K9)
"The Originals"
The first U.S. Army K9 units assigned to Vietnam

    Although when the first contingent of K9 component units arrived they were not part of the 720th MP Battalion family, they eventually became the 88th MP Company (K9) then the 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog) which joined the 720th MP Battalion from 1968 through 1972, so we are proud to host your history on this website.

Veteran's of the 71st MP Detachment (Dog Platoon HQ), 209th MP Detachment (Dog Platoon HQ), 221st MP Detachment (Dog Platoon HQ), 72nd MP Detachment (Dismounted Patrol), 26th MP Detachment (Supervisor), 45th MP Detachment (Animal Care)), 88th MP Company (K9), and 212th Military Police Company (Sentry Dog). We need your assistance to obtain official documents, media articles, information, personal stories, and photographs for your history website. If you would like to assist in preserving the proud history of your units Vietnam tour, please click on the Email Link of this page to notify Tom Watson, History Project & Website Manager. Your historical contributions are always appreciated on this website.

For 1965 Roster and Detachments information of the 88th, use the Link above to return to the 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog) Home Page.
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