22nd Provost Marshal Detachment
(Provisional) Can Tho - Vinh Long
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Detachment Timeline

29 January The first official documentation shows the 22nd Provost Marshal Office (PMO) Detachment was originally subordinate to the 92nd MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade.

        The original detachment members were officially assigned (as a paper unit) under Special Orders No. 29, Department of The Army, Headquarters, 92d MP Battalion, APO SF 96307, dated 29 January 1969.

        The original nine members were from HQ Detachment, 92nd MP Battalion, the 560th, and 188th MP Companies, the latter at the time subordinate to the 92nd MP Battalion. It was formed to provide the necessary manpower to staff the needed PM office not supported by the current Battalion TO&E, and due to the 92nd MP Battalions recent expansion of duties in to IV Corps Tactical Zone area that encompassed the entire Mekong Delta. Originally there was no fixed central office or support staff, the assignments they held before the order was issued continued to be their assignment with the 22nd PM Detachment.

        The nine members listed on Special Orders No. 29 were assigned in, Vung Tau, Can Tho, and Saigon. Visit the combined 1969 - 1972 roster page for names, units and assignments of the members.


5 February The Detachment was reassigned subordinate to the 720th Military Police Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade when its parent unit the 92nd MP Battalion (Pershing Field in Saigon) was the first military police headquarters to be deactivated and withdrawn from Vietnam.

     The 720th MP Battalion area of operations in III Corps Tactical Zone was more than doubled when they were assigned the responsibility for discipline, law and order in IV Corps.

Along with the 22nd PM Detachment, the 188th MP Company, who where assigned duties in IV Corps, were also reassigned subordinate (Administrative & Logistics) to the command of the 720th MP Battalion, with 89th MP Group maintaining operational control. Note: Sometime later (exact date still unknown) the 22nd PMO staff were consolidated and had their own headquarters located in the MP Compound at Can Tho.

March CPT Raymond F. Cox of the 188th MP Company was assigned as the Provost Marshal of Vinh Long Province and served in that capacity until his reassignment in August as Adjutant to LTC Robert P. Schmitz, Commander, 720th MP Battalion.   Note: CPT Cox has verified that he was not assigned to the 22nd PM Detachment while PM of Vinh Long.

5 March 1LT Arvel L. Acoach, Jr. is assigned as the detachment Operations Officer.

15 March The first mention the 22nd PM Detachment in official 720th MP Battalion documents is an official flow chart that was part of the 720th MP Battalion, Operations Report ~ Lessons Learned.

Note: It appears that sometime after the 22nd PM Detachment was assigned subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion it was deactivated as a "paper organization."

4 April MAJ John R. Tomberlin, Jr. detachment Commanding Officer and Provost Marshal, Vung Tau Special Zone, departed.

2 June CPT Edward F. Robinson is assigned as the Operations Officer 22nd PM Detachment.

18 September 1LT James D. Folsom is assigned as the new Operations Officer for the 22nd Provost Marshal Detachment, replacing CPT Edward Robinson.

8 May MAJ Jerry E. Jackson was assigned as the Provost Marshal of IV Corps and as Commanding Officer of the 22nd PM Detachment replacing MAJ Crispus C. Nix.

11 August 1LT James R. Kent is assigned as the detachment Operations Officer.

1 October MAJ Jerry E. Jackson was assigned as Primary Censorship Officer for the Detachment.

For A Day, My Desk Was A V100   SSG (SFC Ret.) Arthur R. Tiber, 22nd PMO Detachment, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, December 1971 to December 1972.

There is no further unit activity is mentioned in Battalion Operations Reports after 1 October 1971. If you can provide any additional information please use the Email Link at the top of this page.
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