483rd Military Police Platoon
9th MP Company, 9th Infantry Division & 720th MP Battalion

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9th ID
2nd FF.
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25th ID
     As with many of the military police platoons that served in Vietnam, their official origins and lineage are at times clouded. When the MP headquarters commands found themselves short of personnel and restricted by their subordinate unit TO&E’s, they often formed separate MP platoons to expand and supplement the shortage of personnel to meet specific missions assignments until other constituted Regular Army MP units arrived in country. In that way the MP commands could then draw on newly arriving troops to bring the companies back up to their allotted TO&E’s.
      Once their mission needs were met the MP platoons were often deactivated and the personnel assimilated back into the established MP companies they were formed from. There is also evidence they were reassigned to another Battalion command for use elsewhere. If the need for additional manpower arose once again, the platoon would again be reconstituted with a nucleus of experienced supervisory staff from MP companies to again supplement the immediate mission requirements.
      The procedure of activation and deactivation between separate commands inadvertently hid the Platoons official line of military lineage from routine historical research. In addition, the policy of carrying the platoon staff in the roster of the MP company they were attached subordinate to without denoting their separate unit designation, also hindered historical research in identifying the platoons dedicated personnel. Thomas T. Watson, History Project Manager.
August With the departure of the 1st and 2nd Brigades of the 9th Infantry Division, the 3rd Brigade in Tan An in IV Corps Tactical Zone, Mekong Delta, is placed under the operational control of the 25 Infantry Division, II Field Force.
        As a result, the 483rd MP "Tactical Platoon," attached to the 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, is formed from the 9th MP Company and assigned to discipline, law and order duties at Tan An South (Airfield) and Tan An Village (Town Patrol) and highway security for QL-4 from Tan An to Ben Luc. The patrols would also visit the various Fire Support Bases as needed.

13 April The following members of the 483rd MP Platoon, 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, were awarded the Army Commendation Medal under General Orders 1561, Headquarters, II Field Force Vietnam, for meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against a hostile force as indicated.

SP/4 James H. Hall, 9 November1969 through 9 March 1970,
SP/4 William J. Meyer, 15 November 1969 through 15 March 1970,
SP/4 Bruce E. Reynolds, 2 December 1969 through 2 April 1970,
SP/4 Robert W. Robertson, 2 December 1969 through 2 April 1970.

28 April Platoon elements were assigned to convoy escort and traffic control of several 9th Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade Battalions in preparation for an incursion along the 25th Infantry Division Area Of Operation (AO)  along the Cu Chi / Cambodian border area.

May Three man MP teams were assigned to each of the 3rd Brigades Fire Support Bases (FSB). They were responsible for discipline, law and order, and any other assignments as dictated by the FSB needs.

August The Platoon was attached to the 9th MP Company, 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, Base Camp at Di An in III Corps Tactical Zone, and was deactivated when the 3rd Brigade, 9th Division was deactivated.

No information on file.

June, exact date unknown Department of the Army, General Orders No. 54, issued on 26 December 1974, lists the 483rd MP Platoon as a subordinate unit of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, and awarded the Republic Vietnam cross of Gallantry with Palm (Unit Citation), for service between the dates of 17 September 1965-June 1972. The 3rd Brigade, with its HQ stationed in Bien Hoa, just north of Long Binh post, in Military region III, stood-down in June 1972 and returned to Fort Hood, TX.

Exact date unknown The Platoon was stationed on an Air Force, base in Military Region IV (Mekong Delta), with an Air Force Colonel as the interim Base Commander. The platoon was approximately 90 strong. They ran convoy security escorts in three Military Regions  with the 1/8 Cavalry out of Ben Hoa, and the 25th Infantry Division.

August A notation on a 720th MP Battalion staff photograph taken by CPT Bristow F. "Biff" Fontenot, Commanding Officer of B Company, 720th MP Battalion, June to August 1972 just prior to stand-down, lists the 483rd MP Platoon commanded by 1LT Ronald Rule. CPT Fontenot verified the unit was attached to the Battalion but could not recall its physical location at the time.
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