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The AFV PRO were in three locations that were the Australian presence in South Vietnam:

Vung Tau, Nui Dat, and Saigon were in in III Corps Tactical Zone.

Vung Tau was AFV PRO Headquarters for the Australian Military Police (Provost) in South Vietnam.

        Vung Tau also contained 2MCE (2nd Military Corrective Establishment) which was the "Army's Jail". Soldiers who committed offences against Australian Military Law were often sentenced to a period of "detention" at 2MCE. 2MCE was staffed by members of the Provosts Corps as well as selected CPLs from Arms Corps units like Infantry, Artillery and Armour to assist with running the facility.

        Vung Tau comprised two Sections of MP with a WO2, 2 SGT and 10 CPL per section. There was also a detachment from the Royal New Zealand Military Police based with the Australian Provosts, sharing the tasks of policing the soldiers serving in South Vietnam.

        Vung Tau was also the home to 1ALSG (1st Australian Logistic Support Group) which was the Australian Army logistic support base for all troops in South Vietnam.

        Vung Tau also contained the Australian R&C Centre (Rest & Convalescence Centre) for Australian troops who were entitled to "short leave." Vung Tau was a major area for the Provosts especially having their HQ and the force R&C centre based there.

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