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720th MP
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At the start of the year Battalion HQ Detachment and its letter companies were headquartered subordinate to III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas.
     The Battalion vehicle fleet consisted of the standard Army 1/4 ton truck (Jeep), 1976 Ford Maverick sedans (supervisors and accident investigators), Kaiser CJ5 Jeeps (K9 and remote area patrol) and Dodge Tradesman 200 vans for transport duties.

     Members of the 720th MP Battalion were still volunteering for duty for the night Sky Watch Patrol, provided by the 6th Air Cavalry Brigade (Air Combat) "Silent Thunder," located at Fort Hood. (for details see 1976 Time Line page.)

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January-February (Exact Date Unknown) A 6th Air Cavalry Brigade helicopter crashed in the western portion of Fort Hood. Battalion MP's were immediately dispatched to the scene to conduct rescue and scene security operations. They found the crew members were not seriously injured but the craft was extensively damaged and debris were scattered over a large area. The MP's, PFC Rick Bernardi, 411th MP Company, and others yet to be identified, secured the crash site and immediately began the securing sensitive equipment as well as conducting an extensive search for other parts of the aircraft, marking them for the crash investigators who arrived later. For his actions, PFC Bernardi received a Letter of Commendation.
27 May, Change of Command LTC Jon MacFarland passed command of the Battalion to LTC L. E. Wollmering
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