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1988 ~ Battalion Time Line
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89th MP
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720th MP
At the start of the year Battalion HQ Detachment and its letter companies were headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas.

Exact date unknown - Panama GEN Manuel Noriega, self appointed dictator and commander of the Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF), was indicted in U.S. Federal Court for drug trafficking, and U.S. officials urged him to step down. He refused, setting the stage for a direct confrontation with the U.S. government over the safety of the Panama Canal Zone.


   Tensions were coming to a head in Panama as incidents of harassment of U.S. military and dependent personnel continued to increase in frequency. GEN Noriega's Panamanian Defense Forces became the security arm of his organized criminal activities. They continued to expand their unchecked power over all aspects of civil rule, terrorizing the Panamanian people.

Exact date unknown - Panama In an attempt to deflect responsibility for direct involvement in the disruption of upcoming elections, GEN Noriega organized the "Battalions de la Dignidad" (Dignity Battalions), a paramilitary force of hardcore supporters. They were armed, wore maroon shirts to identify themselves from the local citizenry, and were directed by the PDF to disrupted public rallies, beat political opposition leaders and intimidate their supporters.

Armed members of the Battalion "Dignidad."

18 July - Fort Hood LTC Carl C. Sutherland passed command of the Battalion to LTC Kenneth Wood.

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