1992 Battalion Time Line

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89th Bde.
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At the start of the year the 720th MP Battalion HQ & HQ Detachment and its organic companies of the 401st, 410th and 411th were headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps at Fort Hood, Texas.
6 April - Operation PROVIDE COMFORT, Iraq The United Nations passed resolution 688 (5 April). The document condemned Iraqi repression and asked member states to assist the Kurds and other refugees in northern Iraq with a demand for Iraq to cooperate with these relief efforts. The dilapidated conditions of some 500,000 Kurdish refugees who fled Iraqi retribution in the freezing remote mountains in southeastern Turkey prompted President George H. W. Bush to order the United States European Forces to direct immediate relief assistance. Operation Provide Comfort (OPC) sought the achievement of two goals: To provide relief to the refugees, and to enforce the security of the refugees and the humanitarian effort.

6 July At 0500 hours, approximately 125 personnel of the 401st MP Company arrived at the Starker Gym on Fort Hood to muster for redeployment back to Panama. While the unit prepared to deploy, MG Marc A. Cisneros presented the unit with the Valorous Unit Award for their exceptional performance of duty against an armed enemy during Operation JUST CAUSE in 1989-1990.

     During this deployment the company served subordinate to the 92nd MP Battalion providing force protection and law enforcement for the other U.S. units and their families stationed in Panama.

     The company was scheduled to return to Fort Hood sometime in early November.

1 August - Operation INTRINSIC ACTION, Kuwait The 410th MP Company is assigned as part of the 2,400 US troops from Fort Hood and Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to Kuwait in support of Operation Intrinsic Action.

    With total disregard of the lighting quick and decisive crushing defeat of the Iraqi military by US lead coalition forces in Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Saddam Hussein maintained his arrogant and hostile military posture. He immediately directed the remnants of his military forces to exact retribution on the Kurds in the north and the Shiite’s in the south for rising up against him during the conflict, he also continued his saber rattling and public statements continuing to refer to Kuwait as the 19th Iraqi provence. Factoring in the possibility of Iran’s long standing interest in gaining further political influence in the Iraqi government via the militant Sunni’s, the Gulf theater continued to remain on the brink of a crisis situation.

   Although the US had failed to create a formal Gulf security framework after the Gulf War, it had built an informal structure by becoming the region's protector through bilateral defense pacts signed with Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, and the expansion of an existing agreement with Oman.

   Joint military training operations conducted by COSCOM under Intrinsic Action and two additional operations, code-named Native Fury and Eager Mace, would demonstrate our capacity to return rapidly to the region in the event of a crisis. In addition, enough food, fuel and military equipment was pre-positioned in Kuwait for a US army battalion.

27 August - Operation NORTHERN / SOUTHERN WATCH, Iraq Operation Northern/Southern Watch were formed with the stated purpose of ensuring Iraqi compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions 688, which demanded that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein end the repression of the Iraqi civilian population.

   The United States, United Kingdom and France proclaimed the no-fly zones (NFZs) in Iraq after Desert Shield/Storm to protect Kurds in the north and Shiite Muslims in the south from domestic retribution from the Iraqi government.

   Iraqi aircraft were forbidden from flying inside the zones. The policy was enforced by US, United Kingdom and French aircraft patrols until France withdrew in 1996.

   The no fly zone was enforced up until the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom I (2nd Gulf War).

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