1999 Battalion Time Line
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89th Bde.
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At the start of the year the Battalion was headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps at Fort Hood, TX.

Exact date unknown - Texas The 410th MP Company participated in Operation Road Runner 2000, a III Corps Command Post Exercise (FTX Phantom Runner) and river crossing involving a Corps and two Division Headquarters.

III Corps
   The III Corps FTX Phantom Runner involved the movement of all corps and major subordinate command CPs from tactical-assembly areas located at Camp Bowie in northwest Texas to attack positions on Fort Hood. Unlike simulation-driven exercises, Phantom Runner provided units with the opportunity to conduct actual movements and river-crossing operations. All three corps CPs – as well as 1st Cavalry Division’s TAC, main and rear CPs; 4th Infantry Division’s TAC CP; and 13th COSCOM, 31st Air Defense Artillery, 89th Military Police Brigade, 64th Corps Support Group, 3d Signal Brigade, 13th Signal Battalion and 124th Signal Battalion, moved in various directions from northern, central and southern Texas to conduct the river-crossing operation on Fort Hood’s Belton Lake.
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Photographs ~  Operation Road Runner 2000
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Photographs ~ Fort Hood, Texas
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