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Canned Heat
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18th Bde.

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        The "Canned Heat," bumper marker unknown C??, was used for convoy escort out of Long Binh Post by C Company. The logo painted on the gun shield was two cans with fire coming out of them. The name was taken from a popular Blues-Rock Band formed in 1965.
Crew Members and photographs 1970-1971
SGT Joseph W. Thrower 1971
SP/4 Clarence V. Tillman 1970-71
SP/4 William E. Dunnam 1970-71
062306 I can't remember for sure but I think C-108 was Canned Heat's number, that or C-50, I know we didn't have all the armor protection and you had to put your flak jacket on the lid of the opening for padding as that was your seat and it was still a rough ride, I guess that's where these hemoroids got their start. Hope this helps, wish my memory was better, I ran Mace convoy often, and our call sign was M-1 when we would pull out, Does anyone remember the pinwheels we used to communicate with commo, the codes were changed daily? SGT Joseph W. Thrower, C Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, January-June 1971.
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