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LTC Robert M. O'Malley, Sr.

Commanding Officer of the 720th Military Police Battalion
11 February 1969 to 1 August 1969 ~ Republic of South Vietnam




LTC O'Malley served as Battalion Commander from 11 February 1969 to 1 August 1969.

   During his tour as commander the Battalion participated in: Counter offensive operations against the 274th Viet Cong (Main Force) Regiment, 5th NVA Division, during their attack on Long Binh post during the 23 February Post Tet Offensive.

    The operations were a historical first for the MP Corps with the Battalion having operational control of Armor, Air, and Artillery in support of an MP infantry mission in the Battalion Tactical Area Of Responsibility; Phase out of MP advisors living at the four Village Outpost's and construction of two new bases of operation on Hill-15 and the Finger of Land in the Battalion Tactical Area Of Responsibility;

     Implementation of the start of the Intensified Vietnamization Program in the Battalion to reduce U.S. offensive operations.

Photographs G1079, G1080, G1927, G1929, G1930, G0686

On 1 August 1969 LTC O'Malley passed command to LTC Henry N. Henry, Jr.

On 6 December 1996 LTC O'Malley passed from our ranks.

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