Commanding Officers
Bravo Company ~ Vietnam

720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association Vietnam History Project
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10 October 1966 to 12 August 1972
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18th Bde.
89th Group

CPT Hector Lopez
Oct 1966 to Apr 1967

1LT Thomas A. Feuerborne
(Provisional) Apr 1967

CPT Ronald J. Perry
Apr 1967 to 11 Dec 1967

CPT Paul R. Guimond
11 Dec 1967-1 Jun 1968

CPT Daryl K. Solomonson
1 Jun 1968-10 Nov 1968

1LT Edward Mendez
(Provisional) Nov-10 Dec 1968

CPT Jimmy H. "Jim" Rich
10 Dec 1968-29 Mar 1969

CPT Harold D. "Hal" Lockhart
29 Mar-8 Jul 1969

CPT Bennet S. "Ben" Jones
8 Jul-15 Dec 1969

CPT Dennis D. Fogarty
15 Dec 1969-10 Jul 1970

CPT Jeffrey A. Gilbert
10 Jul-Sep 1970

CPT Walter B. Koszyk
Sep-Nov 1970



CPT William C. Eakin
Nov 1970-9 Apr 1971



CPT John G. Meyer, Jr.
Apr-Oct 1971



CPT David O. Wright
Oct 1971-Jun 1972

CPT Bristow I. "Biff" Fontenot
Jun-13 Aug 1972