18th Military Police Brigade
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18th. MP Bde.

1966, 20 May Established with a strength of 55 personnel, and sent to South Vietnam on 26 September 1966, subordinate to the United States Army Vietnam (USARV) and headquartered in Saigon, Central Military District.

1967 The Brigade moved its headquarters to Long Binh Military Post, 20 miles north of Saigon in III Corps Tactical Zone.

     The Brigade maintained daily operational command and control of all military police units not directly assigned to American tactical commands in all four Corps Tactical Zones and the Central Military District (Saigon) in South Vietnam.

It was the command element for the following MP units.

8th MP Group (criminal investigation) in I, II, II & IV Corps Tactical Zones.

16th MP Group in I & II Corps Tactical Zones.
504th MP Battalion (Army Level MP Battalion) I & II Corps Tactical Zones.
93rd MP Battalion (Cellular MP Battalion) Northern II Corps Tactical Zone.
97th MP Battalion (Cellular MP Battalion) Southern II Corps Tactical Zone.

89th MP Group in III & IV Corps Tactical Zones.
720th MP Battalion (Army Level MP Battalion) III & IV Corps Tactical Zones.
92nd MP Battalion (Cellular MP Battalion) Saigon Port Facilities & IV Corps Tactical Zone.
95th, MP Battalion (Cellular MP Battalion) III Corps Tactical Zone.

Administrative & logistical control of...
716th MP Battalion (Army Level MP Battalion) Saigon Central Military District in III Corps Tactical Zone.
Operational control maintained by U.S. Army Vietnam (USARV) Headquarters.

in addition to.....


    Seven light infantry companies (rifle security) that served as physical security units where needed throughout II, III & IV Corps Tactical Zones.

D Company, 51st Infantry .
C Company, 52nd Infantry
D Company, 52nd Infantry
C Company, 54th Infantry
D Company, 58th Infantry
C Company, 87th Infantry
D Company, 87th Infantry;

The 458th Army Transportation Company PBR (patrol boat river), that served throughout II, III & IV Corps Tactical Zones.

1967, September the 18th MP Brigade was assigned control of a 22-square-mile Tactical Area Of Responsibility, where it assigned the 720th MP Battalion to perform a 3 year infantry counterinsurgency mission under Operation STABILIZE to include, Ambush and Recon, Village Outpost (Liaison) Duty, River Patrol and Civic Action. The mission lasted until June of 1970.

1973, 20 March The final day of American military combat presence in Vietnam, the 18th MP Brigade cased its colors and was inactivated.

1985, 16 August The Brigade was reactivated in West Germany, where it currently serves.

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