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18th MP Brigade
458th U.S. Army Transportation Company
PBR (Patrol Boat Riverine)
18th Military Police Brigade

  Attention all 458th PBR & 720th MP Battalion River Rats from the Vietnam era. If you served on a Boston Whaler or PBR, you may be eligible for the Army Sea Duty Ribbon! For information click on the ADS Ribbon to the left.
September The first PBR's to work the Dong Nai River and its tributaries of the 720th MP Battalion Tactical Area of Responsibility originated from the "Brown Water Navy Units" stationed in Saigon and Cat Lai.

March the 458th PBR was attached to the 18th Military Police Brigade and assigned the PBR mission.

     The Navy and 458th U.S. Army Transportation Company PBR's provided close-in riverine support and transport assistance to the men of the 720th MP battalion River Patrol and Ambush and Recon Teams throughout the span of Operation STABILIZE.

December The 458th PBR moved their floating dock and maintenance shed nicknamed the "House Boat" and anchored it just southeast of the Dong Nai River Bridge. Members of the 458th PBR were also billeted with the B Company River Patrol Unit in the company compound on Long Binh Post.


September Members of B Company served as crewman and gunners aboard the 458th PBR's on the upper Dong Nai River and its tributaries from 1968 through September 1970 when Operation STABILIZE ended.

     For information and photographs of the MPs from the 720th MP Battalion that worked on the PBR's, visit the 720th MP Battalion River Patrol Unit.

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