720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association
Vietnam History Project
"We did it all and then some,"  10 October 1966 to 13 August 1972
     "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now." Richard Nixon, New York Times, March 28, 1985
      Created with the assistance and contributions of the soldiers of the 720th MP Battalion and their subordinate and affiliated units, to recognize, honor and render service to those that answered the call of duty to their country, their friends and brothers of the 720th MP Battalion, as well as the many others who also served with distinction, valor, and pride as Military Policemen throughout the Republic of South Vietnam.
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     After twelve years of research the two volume set of Vietnam Journal is now available online in paperback, or hardcover for those who want a lasting memento of their service with the battalion in Vietnam to pass along to your children or grandchildren.

      It's also the prefect book set for all other MP's regardless of their unit and years in service who want to know the big picture of what military police duty in Vietnam was all about.

      If you would like information on how to purchase a set, click on either book icon.

To read the Veterans reviews of both volumes, click on this LINK.
This article titled "Sleeping With The Enemy" by James Webb explains how the far left Marxist in the Democratic Party influenced and determined the final and shameful outcome of the war. Webb was a Marine rifle platoon and company commander in Vietnam who went on to serve as the Secretary of the Navy.
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...who served side-by-side with the 720th during their tour.

The Vietnam Wall
The first U.S. Army Military Police Battalion ever assigned a counterinsurgency infantry mission
Operation STABILIZE  September 1967 ~ July 1970
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     Attention Battalion Veteran's from the Vietnam era. If you served on a Boston Whaler or PBR, you may be eligible for the Army Sea Duty Ribbon and/or Vietnam Combatant-Craft Crewman Badge!

     For information click on the ADS Ribbon and Badge to the left.


     Attention Battalion Veteran's from the Vietnam era. Although the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry was awarded to all Battalion veterans as a unit citation (ribbon), you may wear the medal with the palm ribbon on your medal bar for veterans events.

     For information click on the Ribbon above the medal.

     As a "foreign award" it should be displayed as the last medal on your rack. Being a foreign award it was not authorized for issue by the U.S. Government so you will have to purchase it.

     Try MedalsofAmerica.com for a quality product.

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