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LTC Robert M. Allgeier

Commanding Officer of the 720th Military Police Battalion
2 March 1955 to 1956, Fort Hood, Texas

   On 2 March 1955 LTC Allgeier assumed command of the Battalion from LTC Weldon Cox.

     LTC Allgeier previously served as the assistant Provost Marshal of III Corps. He came to Fort Hood in 1955 from Germany where he was assigned as Chief, Plans and Operation, Provost Marshal Section to Headquarters 7th Army. A native of Deer Polk, Washington, LTC Allgeier was a graduate of Washington State College. He and his family resided in Walker Village.

   The Battalion assets were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas performing force security, discipline, law and order duties. During his tour in 1955 Battalion elements participated in Operation SAGEBRUSH in Louisiana.

   Other Battalion activities at this time are unknown due to a lack of available records.

In 1956 LTC Allgeier passed command of the Battalion to LTC James A. Wiley.

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