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LTC Robert M. O'Malley, Sr.

Commanding Officer of the 720th Military Police Battalion
11 February 1969 to 1 August 1969 ~ Republic of South Vietnam




LTC O'Malley served as Battalion Commander from 11 February 1969 to 1 August 1969.

     During his tour as commander the Battalion participated in: Counter offensive operations against the 274th Viet Cong Regiment, 5 NVA Division, during their attack on Long Binh post during the 23 February Post Tet Offensive. The operations were a historical first for the MP Corps with the Battalion having operational control of Armor, Air, and Artillery support in an MP infantry mission in the Battalion Tactical Area Of Responsibility;

     Phase out of MP advisors living at the four Village Outpost's and construction of two new bases of operation on Hill-15 and the Finger of Land in the Battalion Tactical Area Of Responsibility; Implementing the start of the Vietnamization Program in the Battalion to reduce U.S. offensive operations.

Photographs G1079, G1080, G1929, G1930, G0686

On 1 August 1969 LTC O'Malley passed command to LTC Henry N. Henry, Jr.

On 6 December 1996 LTC O'Malley passed from our ranks.


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