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LTC George E. Painter

Commanding Officer of the 720th Military Police Battalion
Army Forces Far East, 8th Army (rear)
23 August 1954 to 21 February 1955 ~ Tokyo, Occupied Japan

   On 23 August 1954 LTC Painter assumed command of the Battalion in Tokyo, Japan from the interim commander MAJ James L. Melloh, who replaced LTC Weldon Cox.

   The Battalion assets were stationed in the Tokyo metropolitan area performing security, discipline, law and order duties.

   In January 1955 the 519th MP Battalion was reassigned from South Korea to Tokyo and transitioned into the duties of the 720th.

     After 14 years of overseas deployment through WW II and Occupied Japan, the 720th MP Battalion was deactivated in Tokyo, and the battalion colors were sent to Fort Hood, Texas.


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