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CPL Lee Van Muon
Long Hung & An Xuan Villages
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        In 1995 PFC Jim Brunotte returned to Vietnam as part of his church ministry duties and made a point to return to the Tactical Area Of Responsibility where he was so seriously wounded on 1 October 1968 while assigned to Outpost #1. While talking with the villagers in An Xuan he learned that Muon was still alive. A meeting was set up and Muon came all the way from tay Ninh to meet with Jim and his group.

        Lee Van Muon was born on 4 April 1948 in the Village of Long Hung, Vietnam. He enlisted in the Popular Forces on 16 December 1965 and served as a member of the PF Platoon assigned to Long Hung Village Outpost #2 and An Xuan Village Outpost #1.

        Once Operation STABILIZE was initiated Lee was assigned as a scout and interpreter to the 720th MP Battalion. On January 1968 he was Commended for Achievement in Battle at Phuoc Chau by the 720th MP Battalion at which time he was presented with a Honda Motor Cycle by Ambush Team #75.

        Lee also worked for B Company Ambush Team #76 during 1968. On 29 March 1969 Lee was wounded by the land mine that killed SSG Richard Slaven and wounded several other members of B Company Ambush Team #75 on Hill-15.

       He was hospitalized for three months at Hospital #36 in Vung Tau. And on September 1969, after being released from the hospital he returned to duty in the Tactical Area Of Responsibility and was assigned to Outpost #1 when the Popular Forces assignment as scout interpreters was phased out and replaced by Regional Forces interpreters.

        In 1970 he married Nguyen Thi Hung who had been employed at the 720th MP Battalion Officers Mess as a waitress from March 1967 until 29 April 1969. Nguyen quit her job at the officers mess after Lee was wounded.

        Lee remained in the Popular Forces after US forces departed Vietnam in 1973, and was again wounded in combat.


        After the fall of the South Vietnamese Government in April of 1975 Lee was held in a Communist reeducation camp for approximately two years.

        He now resides with his wife and extended family of thirteen in Tay Ninh, and supports them as best he can as a rice farmer. Lee has expressed a strong desire to come to the United States but refuses to do so unless he can bring his entire (extended) family with him.

        During the time Lee worked with the MP’s of the 720th he became one of the most admired and respected members of the local Popular Forces assigned to the Battalion. On many occasions the men of the 720th testified that Lee displayed fearless courage in battle and a fierce loyalty to the MP’s he worked with.

Photographs and story courtesy of PFC James R. Brunotte, B Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Group, 18th MP Brigade, 1968.

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