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1984 ~ Battalion Time Line
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89th MP
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720th MP
At the start of the year Battalion HQ Detachment and its letter companies were headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas.

     The 720th MP Battalion detachment assigned to Operation Big Pine II (Ahuas Tara II), Honduras in August 1983 including the 401st MP Company, under the command of CPT Charles Bradley, several members of the 410th MP Company, LEA (Law Enforcement Activities members / Provost Marshall Investigators), and a Criminal Investigations Division agent, returned to Fort Hood, Texas and resumed law enforcement operations/combat support for III Corps in conjunction with the 410th and 411 MP Companies. 

     "There were quite a few guys throughout all the companies who were with the Texas Army National Guard and went regular Army. It was my understanding that they were used to bolster the ranks because of the deployment to Honduras; The op was called "Ahuas Tara II". I was the first replacement to the company when it returned. In fact, I spent my first month there in the motor pool cleaning red Honduran dirt off of M151A2 jeeps and listening to the guys tell stories of their time there." SP/4 Murray "Manny" Van Pelt, 401st MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade, III Corps, Fort Hood, TX, 1984-1986.

     During this time the Battalion was a STRAF (Strategic Armed Forces unit) as part of the rapid deployment force (RDF).

27 July, Change of Command LTC Larry B. Berrong, Jr. passed command of the Battalion to LTC A. Paul Sowa.
LTC Berrong

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LTC Sowa

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