2016 Timeline
"Soldiers of The Gauntlet"
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89th MP
720th MP
At the start of the year the Battalion's HQ & HQ Detachment and its subordinate units of the 64th, 401st, 410th, and 411th MP Companies commanded by LTC Karst Brandsma, were headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas.
Black History Month

 25 February As part of Fort Hood’s African American-Black History Month program III Corps Headquarters arranged for Civil Right Icon James Meredith, a nine-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, to appear and speak of his long struggle to enroll as the first black student at the University of Mississippi, Oxford on 2 October 1962.

     The III Corps Headquarters and Equal Opportunity Office, 89th MP Brigade, 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, Military Police Regimental Association – Fort Hood Chapter, and the 720th MP Battalion Headquarters and troops were also involved in the organization and presentation of the day’s events.

     Three former veterans of the battalion who deployed during the civil unrest in September-October of 1962 were able to accept the invitation to attend, where they met Mr. Meredith for the first time.

     Mr. Meredith and the veteran’s first attended a morning breakfast where they were introduced to the troops and later all attended a ceremony during which Mr. Meredith gave his inspirational account of the Civil Right Movement in the 1960s to a large crowd of VIP’s and troops from Fort Hood.

85th Civil
Military Police


Ft. Hood Chapter

     Representatives of the local and national print and television media interviewed Mr. Meredith and the three veterans following the formal afternoon program.

Recognition of the September-October 1962 Mississippi University at Oxford Deployment

     The veterans, PFC Gary L. Hackbarth age 77 of Bravo & Charlie Companies, CPL Robert T. Taylor age 73 and SP/4 George L. Lewis age 77 of Bravo Company called the event and personal meeting with Mr. Meredith “the historical highlight of their life” and were very appreciative in having been invited and allowed the to represent all veterans of the battalion, past and present.

     They also praised SFC Bryan H. Reed Vice President of the Regimental Associations Fort Hood Chapter for his assistance in arranging their visit and lodging, and LTC Karst Brandsma and the troops of the 720th MP Battalion for inviting them to the battalion cantonment and treating them like “royalty” throughout the days events. Most of all they praised Mr. Meredith for his courage then, and assistance now in allowing them to take a step back into the proudest event of their brief military service.

     It was the first visit to Fort Hood for Mr. Meredith, and the first return trip to the base for all three veterans since their military service in the early 1960’s.

Mr. Meredith's  thoughts on the Military Police YouTube Link
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