1962 ~ Battalion Roster
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III Corps
4th Army
720th MP
Reunion Association Lifetime Member
560th Those members of the Battalion who volunteered or were members of C Company when it was redesignated as the 560th MP Company for deployment to Vietnam.
Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment
Hotaling, Robert P.
 Battalion Commander
Milburn, Earl B.
 Battalion Commander
  Hall, Richard J. SGM  Battalion Sergeant Major
  Messner, Quinton 1LT  
  Watts, Pitt M. III 1LT Transferred to A Company.
  Lester, James C. MSG  
  Stevens, Festus MSG  
  Bednardi, Robert D. SP/4  
  Bishoff, LeroyD. SGT  
  Bralley, Walter M. SSG  
  Brown, Press Jr. PFC  
  Clemmer, James T. Jr. PFC  
  Curran, Raymond D. SP/4  
  Default, Raymond J. SSG  
  Doughtie, Robert L. SP/4  
  Dark, Paul S. SP/4  
  Day, Thomas C. SP/4  
  Entler, Daniel J. SSG  
  Freeman, Varel D. SSG  
  Gossein, Ronald R. J. PFC  
  Guerin, Patrick T. PFC  
  Hanks, Cary S. SSG  
  Herald, Michael J. PFC  
  Hillyard, Robert J. PFC  
  Johnson, Tillman E. SFC  
  Ledoux, Louis G. SFC  
  McCluskey, Guy L. PFC  
  Menne, Donald C. SP/4  
  Morton, Joseph B. Jr. PFC  
  Murray, Edward J. SP/4  
  Pettiford, Andrew R. PFC  
  Price, Steve W. PFC  
  Swafford, Aulbi L. PFC  
  Thomas, Robert L. PFC  
Vance, Jerry N.
Wabakken, Daniel L.
  Walker, John H. PFC  
  Wallace, Ted K. PFC  
  Warner, Lane A. PFC  
  West, Thomas C. PFC  
A Company
Perrin, Everett
Commanding Officer
First Sergeant
  Watts, Pitt M. III 1LT Transferred from HQ&HQ Detachment.
Kochenour, John A. "Jack" LTC Ret.
Platoon Leader. March-Transferred to C Company until July and returned.
Carter, Wayne R.
Lewis Ralph C.
Exerxise Swift Strike-II, Deployment to Oxford, Mississippi.
B Company
Commanding Officer
First Sergeant
Giesler, Adolph
LaRuffa, Dominick
Deployment to Oxford, Mississiiipi Civil Unrest
Hackbarth, Gary L.
Transferred to C Company
Lewis, George
Deployment to Oxford, Mississippi Civil Unrest.
Propes, Gordon S.
Exerxise Sea Wall, Swift Strike-II, Deployment to Oxford, Mississippi.
Taylor, Robert B.
Exerxise Swift Strike-II, Deployment to Oxford, Mississippi..
Wasiak, W. William
C Company
Nestler, Karl
Commanding Officer
First Sergeant
Kochenour, John A. "Jack" LTC Ret.
Platoon Leader. Transferred from A Company, returned to A Company July.
Wall, William R.
Berryman-Dietrich, Eric  CMDR USN Ret.
Hackbarth, Gary L.
Transferred from B Company.
Nelson, Oscar L   SFC Ret.