720th MP
Battalion Rosters ~ 1942 to Current
~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association History Project ~
This Page Last Updated   22 July 2015
US Army
20 January 1942 ... and still serving our country and the cause of freedom throughout the world today.
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This is your history, please help us preserve it for future generations.
     Since the National Archives has adopted a new policy of not providing era unit rosters maintained in their files it hampers our ability to obtain names of veterans from your era, so only those names of personnel that have contacted the Battalion History Project and others gleaned from official documents and former veterans will be listed on the website roster pages. Any assistance you can provide to update the roster pages is always welcomed.
     On those rosters where the veterans name is preceded by a unit patch, the History Project has had some type of interaction and there may be current contact information available. The contact information is not posted, and any incoming inquiries about a specific veteran will be forwarded to the contributing veteran for whatever response action he/she deems appropriate.

     If you have a copy of an official roster or Battalion orders that you can provide us, please notify the History Project Manager via the above Email Link. Any SOC numbers on official documents are blacked out. The documents are then changed into digital files, cataloged, and will be sent to the Regimental History Unit at Fort Leonard Wood, MO for the Battalion history file.

     If your name, rank and duty assignment information is not listed or is listed incorrectly on a website roster, please send an email on the links provided from the appropriate roster page.

     Please notify the History Project Manager of any broken links in this section via the same Email Links.

     The National Archives has advised that WW II era unit rosters are no longer maintained in their files. They have been purged as per standard in-house record keeping procedures. The names contained in  these roster files for our WW II veteran's (1942-1945) were obtained from other official documents, news media, family members and fellow Battalion veterans.
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