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1985 ~ Battalion Roster
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89th MP
720th MP
Lifetime Member of Reunion Association
HQ Detachment
  Sowa, Paul A. LTC Battalion Commander
401st MP Company
  Bradley, Charles CPT Commanding Officer
  Fredregill, Roger K. 1SG First Sergeant
  Weedo, James 1LT  
  Busic, "Chip" 2LT  
  Amburgy, Pam (Heebsh) SP/4  
  Ackerman, Kim or Lisa ? SP/4  
  Blackwell, Stephen SGT  
  Beadle, Michael PFC  
  Brandt, David PFC  
  Broeckel, Jason SP/4  
  Burns, Cary (Carbajal) PFC  
  Coke, David SPC  
  Drew, Robert PFC  
  Farmer, David PFC  
  Floyd, SGT  
  Fultz, Kermit PVT  
  Gregg, PFC  
  Halupowski, Craig SPC  
  Hanson, PFC  
  Hanssen, SGT  
  Hardy, Mark PFC  
  Harrington, Mitchel PFC  
  Harris, Steve "Jethro" PFC  
  Heebsh, Dan SP/4  
  Henry, Benita PVT  
  Jacobo, Isamel SP/4  
  Janke, SGT  
  Johnson, Edward PFC  
  Jordie, SPC  
  Ketchum, David PFC  
Landon, Brad
  Lapp, Steven PFC  
  Lindus, Brian SSG  
  MacRoberts, Donald SSG  
  Riggs, Robin PFC  
  Rodreguez, Rene PVT  
Ryan, Michael
  Schilling, Leonard PFC  
  Seibert, Harry PFC  
  Smith, Laura PFC  
  Smith, Monty SPC  
  Sundbom, Kevin PFC  
  Taylor, SFC  
Van Pelt, Murray "Manny"
law enforcement operations/combat support STRAF.
  Voss, Gene SFC  
  Walters, Mark PFC  
  Weiden, Terry SGT  
Willmore, Glenda G. (Van Pelt)
law enforcement operations/combat support STRAF.
410th MP Company
      Commanding Officer
Farnsworth, James
  Montoya, SFC  
  Rendon, SFC  
411th MP Company
      Commanding Officer
Cummins, Danny D.
Jennett-Jennings, Karen E.
Orderly Room Clerk