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January 1972 ~ Battalion Time Line
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At the start of the year Battalion HQ Detachment A & C Companies were headquartered subordinate to the 18th MP Brigade, 89th MP Group, Military Region III, Bien Hoa Province, Long Binh Post. B Company was headquartered in Vinh Long, Vinh Long Province, Military region IV, Mekong Delta.

     By 1972 most of Long Binh Post was vacant and security of the empty buildings and military property was paramount. Scavenging of building materials, theft of stored military supplies and squatters moving into the buildings was an ongoing problem.

     MPs of the Battalion performed internal building checks and evict the squatters, mostly prostitutes. There was also a serious problem with large packs of wild dogs running loose on the post, some carrying illness and disease. Most were once pets and mascots now abandoned by the many U.S. units that had departed. That unfortunate problem, had to be solved with patrols assigned to hunt them down and kill them.

     As during previous tours, members of the Battalion supported various civic projects and charities with their own funds and donated time and labor.

     With the anti drug abuse program started in 1968 in full swing by 1972 towards the end of U.S. Military involvement in the theater of war, the units were often hit with unannounced urine testing. The surprise testing was conducted randomly and could occur at any time.

     Troops were taken from company formations and required to submit witnessed urine samples that were tested at special military labs established just for the anti drug abuse program in country.

13 January

     The following personnel were assigned to the A Company Unit Fund Committee, CPT James A. Silva (President/Custodian), 1LT Bernal R. Anderson, 1SG Dewey Washington, Jr., SP/5 Robert I. Wiley, SGT Thomas F. Joiner, SP/4 Keith A. Krambeck, PFC John M. Hyde.

     CPT Alex T. Delucca, III, was appointed the Vice: Ration Card Control Officer, MACV Card Control officer, Reenlistment Officer, Records Management Officer, Alternate Censorship Officer and Classified Document Custodian, under CPT James A. Silva.

25 January

Stateside: President Nixon announced a proposed eight point peace plan for Vietnam and also revealed that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had been secretly negotiating with the North Vietnamese. However, Hanoi rejected Nixon's peace overture.

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