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July 1972 ~ Battalion Time Line
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1 July

     The 8th MP Group (CI) was inactivated in Vietnam on 1 July 1972. The 720th MP Battalion was then attached to USARV MP Group (Provisional) until their departure on 13 August 1972.

8th MP Group CI

     All C Company V100 Commando Armored Cars were reassigned to other unidentified units.

4 July

SGT Michael O’Brien of A Company was assigned as Assistant Security Control Officer for the LTN Provost Marshal Office.

Note: If anyone can identify what LTN stands for please notify the History Project Manager via the Email Link.

5 July

SP/4’s John M. Hyde, and Joseph M. Knotts of A Company are designated as Company Mail Clerks with the assistant being SP/4 Jessie L. Williams.

12 July

     The following twenty-five C Company personnel were reassigned to the 615th MP Company preceding stand-down.

SP/4’s Herbert Clark, Edwin J. Cook, Paul T. Creswell, Jimmy B. Crisp, Jeffrey Coulter, Barry L. Dale, Randall K. Davis, Terry E. Davis, Dixon Dunn, Peter J. Earlandson, Joseph C. Evans, James V. Fielder, Roderick A. Fireck, Lawrence O. Frank, Timothy E. Furrow, David M. Gedigian, Paul T. Gilrain, Timothy C. Goforth, Pedro Gursky, Jimmy D. Hensley, Robert K. Hohn, Frederick Hokamp, Joseph R. Howell, Robert A. Hrabovsky, John M. Hyde.

13 July

     The following members of B Company were promoted to the rank of Specialist Fourth Class, pay grade E4 (SP/4) under Special Orders 195, effective this date. George J. Benovic, Odale Brown, Thomas W. Emery, James B. Hicks, Randel K. Lennartz, Richard Luera, William E. Rouse, Jr., Craig W. Watkins, Warren T. Wiggins, and David L. Gentry.

14 July

Stateside The Democratic National Party chose Senator George McGovern of South Dakota as their presidential nominee. McGovern, an outspoken critic of the war, advocated "immediate and complete withdrawal."

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