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1-13 August 1972 ~ Battalion Time Line
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At the start of the year Battalion HQ Detachment and its letter companies were headquartered subordinate to the 18th MP Brigade, 89th MP Group, Military Region III, Bien Hoa Province, Long Binh Post,  South Vietnam.
13 August
The tour comes to an end and the 720th MP Battalion is deactivated and its colors sent home.
Viet Cong fireworks at Long Binh Post accompany the send off.

     It was an appropriate send off when the local Viet Cong forces provided the fireworks display for the Battalion departure from Long Binh Post and South Vietnam.

     In the morning darkness of the 13th, Viet Cong sappers snuck into the almost vacant Long Binh Post ammunition supply depot which at the time was under the supervision of the South Vietnamese Army. The result of their deed was the spectacular destruction of what was estimated to be 70 ammunition bunkers. The Associated Press reported that high explosives, white phosphorous and tear gas shells were still exploding several hours after the first attack.

     After a 2,135 day tour, 10 October 1966 through 13 August 1972, the Battalion suffered 32 fatal casualties, earned three Meritorious Unit Citations, fourteen Campaign Stars and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation.

        The 615th MP Company and 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog), subordinate to the Battalion at the time of stand-down, remained on duty at Long Binh Post. Many of the Battalion personnel that were not eligible to return home were reassigned to the 615th and other MP units.
The 720th MP Battalion also had the distinction of two notable United States Armed Forces historical first's.
The first Military Police Battalion to be assigned an infantry counterinsurgency mission in their own Tactical Area Of Responsibility, Operation STABILIZE from 11 September 1967 through 25 July 1970.
The first Military Police Battalion Command to direct Artillery, Armor, and Infantry in support of MPs fighting as infantry (Bravo Company), breaking the tide of the enemy attack through their 22 square mile Tactical Area of Responsibility during the 23 February 1969 Post Tet Communist Offensive attack on the southern perimeter of Long Binh Post.


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