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   All donations are tax deductible.   The ©720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association, Founded in 1982, Incorporated in 1998, as a not-for-profit 501(c)(19) Tax Exempt Veterans Service Florida Corporation We have no salaried or contracted employees, own no assets besides the memorabilia, flags and Guidon's displayed at each reunion gathering. Every penny of our dues revenue and all donations go towards the operating costs and services we provide to our membership and other worthy veterans service programs. If you have any questions contact Tom Watson at mp720project@comporium.net call 864-391-2661 (EST), or mail 156 Memorial Drive McCormick, SC 29835-4118.

     Throughout 2007-2009 the membership of the Reunion Association joined by non-member supporters of the Website History Project, provided enough donations to Phase-I for the purchase of 16 official unit Guidon's and staffs, which were proudly displayed at the 2010 Reunion in Washington, DC. They represented HQ Detachment, Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, Delta Company, 615th MP Company, 212th MP Company (Sentry Dog), 188th MP Company, 401st MP Company, 410th MP Company, 411th MP Company, 64th MP Company, 110th MP Company, 838th MP Company, C Company, 1st Battalion, 182nd Field Artillery, and 127th MP Company. Since then additional Guidon's have been purchased to represent additional units.

    During the reading of the Honor Roll at the memorial service, a Casualty Streamer for each Battalion soldier Killed In Action in time of conflict, or died in the Line of Duty while on active duty while attached to the Battalion were attached to their respective unit Guidon's. It was a very moving ceremony. Our appreciation goes out to all of those contributors who made this possible.

     At the 2012 Reunion we added all the authorized Company and Battalion Award (Decoration) & and Campaign Streamers earned from 1942-1965 to our HQ, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Delta Company Guidon's, as well as all Award Streamers to all of the other units for their service in Vietnam during their time with the Battalion.

     Our goal for the 2014 reunion is to add a single "custom" Vietnam Service Campaign Streamer (with each units years in Vietnam) to the Guidon of every unit that served in or with the Battalion in Vietnam, and any additional campaign streamer we can afford to add to our Battalion colors.

     Soldiers of The Gauntlet have been serving their country and the cause of freedom throughout the world since January 1942.  Ours is a long and proud history of service and valor. Lest we forget. We ask that you help us proudly display these accomplishments. Our Colors are the torch we pass along to those who fill our ranks in the future. Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Campaign Streamers

     The streamer reflects campaign participation credit and is the campaign or service ribbon design authorized for the soldiers for that specific conflict or operation during the period. They are 2 3/4 inches wide by 36 inches in length. Organizations display the streamers on the colors for campaigns or service for which they have received campaign participation credit as shown on the unit's lineage and honors.

Decoration Streamers

     Decoration streamers indicate the unit has been awarded a unit decoration. Both foreign and U.S. decorations are reflected through the use of unit award streamers. In addition to the regular size unit award streamers for display by organizations authorized a distinguishing flag, unit award streamers (1 3/8 inches wide and 24 inches long) are displayed by separate units authorized a guidon. The inscription, normally location and/or date(s), is as indicated in the unit's lineage and honor statements.     For the History of U.S. Army Decoration and Campaign Streamers, click on the Colors >

Casualty Streamers

     Casualty streamers are not "officially authorized" by the military. They are something we decided to add to each units Guidon to honor the memory of those soldiers taken from us in time of conflict or in line of duty. They are kelly green in color with with embroidered gold lettering, and represent those soldiers that gave their all while their unit was officially attached subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion's lettered and/or numbered companies, or its Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment since 1942.
The Casualty Streamers are made and donated by Ginger Watson.
     At the request from members of the subordinate units that served during the Vietnam era to add their other unit casualties - those lost when their unit was not officially attached to the 720th. The streamers were ade and attached to the unit guidon's. They are gold streamers with embroidered kelly green lettering. In addition to listing the soldiers rank, name, date of casualty and duty station, they also list the parent unit at time of loss.
Donation Totals as of ~ 23 February 2014

     A donation of any amount to show your support, large or small, would be greatly appreciated by all.

Campaign & Decoration Streamers

$ Balance To Date
Our New Goal for 2014
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$ 2,555.00

$ 3,000.00

     On 26 July 2012 the Association purchased 37 award (Decoration) & campaign streamers, and two attachment rings for $2,202.75. They cover 1942 - 1972 for each unit Guidon and the Battalion Colors.

     We also purchased two new Guidon's and staff's for $517.03 to represent the Afghanistan casualties of the 133rd & 978th MP Companies.

List of Contributors

Each after the name denotes the number of donations sent in by that veteran for the Streamer Project.

Donald J. Sinclair
Alpha & Charlie Company 1971-1972
Harry Pilkins
B Troop, 11th Armored Cav. Regiment
Al Pilkins
Charlie Company 1966-1969
Tracy Usry
Charlie Company 1970-1972
LTC David J. Segalla, Jr.
Battalion Commander 2008-2010
CSM Peter J. Ladd
Battalion CSM 2008-2010
Dwayne D. Koehntopp
Baker Company 1946-1947
Gary A. Sundt
Alpha Company 1967-1968
Ed S. Lewin
Bravo Company 1960-1970
Pete Schroeter -
Alpha Company 1967-1968
Koji D. Kanemoto
In memory of PFC Paul S. Sakuma 1946
Robert G. Hystad
Alpha Company 1966-1967
Darrell D. McArdle
C Company 1949-1950
Ralph C. Lewis
C Company, 1961-1963
Pete Dedijer
A Company 1967-19678
Lino C. Petruccio
Bravo Company 1968-1969
Fred Honerkamp
615th MP Company, 1968-1969
MAJ Ruse M. Wiley
Provisional Battalion Commander, 2012
Peter Stapleton
Australian Provost MP's 1968-1969
Jan Walker, Ginger & Roo Carpenter
In memory of SGT Richard Walker
Alpha Company, 1968-1969
Marion C. "Pete" Foster
Bravo Company, 1971-1972
David A. Turrini -
615th & Charlie Company 1967-1968
Cecil Rhodes -
Charlie Company 1966-1967
Michael M. Spencer
Charlie Company, 1968-1969
Larry J. Kinnison
Charlie Company 1964-1965
Harry G. Lambert
Charlie Company 1968-1969
Richard G. Silver
Charlie Company, 1967-1968
Lola C. Nelson
In memory of PFC Clifford M. Nelson
Charlie Company, 1950-1953
James W. Thompson, Jr.
Charlie Company 1968-1969
Kenneth A. Wilborn.
Charlie Company 1968-1969
James C. Lyons -
Dog Company, 1947-1951
Richard C. Bias, Jr.
Bravo Company, 1969-1970
John L. Hart
HHD & Bravo Company, 1968-1969
A special thank you to SP/4 Pete "The Krout" Schroeter1968-1969 of Alpha Company who since 2011 has donated $900.00 to the Guidon & Streamer Project.
A special thank you to SP/4 Alan D. Zampieri 1968-1969 who donated $500.00 for a Charlie Company Donation Match Challenge that resulted in a total of $1,090.00 in new Charlie Company donations to the Streamer Project.

To view the list of authorized Decoration & Campaign Streamers for individual company Guidon's & our Battalion Colors, return to the Campaigns and Decorations page by clicking on this Presidential Unit Citation Streamer earned by Charlie Company.

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