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Still serving our country and the cause of freedom throughout the world since January 1942.
Looking for your old friends from your service days with the 720th? Post a message here and your friend(s) archive files will be searched for contact information. If there is none they will be flagged so if they visit the website at any time you will be notified of how to contact them. Time is slipping by so don't wait any longer, do it now!

Rules For Posting

1 - Access to post messages is reserved for any current or former member of the Battalion or its attached subordinate units who served from 1942 through current tours.

2 - Your message must include your full formal name, former or current rank, specific unit, tour dates, and an email address or some other form of contact information that will be posted with your message. There will be no exception to this rule!

Example: Thomas T. Watson, CPL, B Company, 1968-1969,

3 - All messages will be posted by your tour dates, see index below. It is your responsibility to notify the History Project Manager if your contact information changes at any time.

4 - If you would like an era photograph link of yourself added to the message, send one along or notify the History Project Manager to attach one that is already posted on the website.

  If you post a website link or Email address and it becomes invalid, your message will be removed. Use the Email Link on the page you visit. You may also update the message at any time.

  Means there are no message posted for that era however, the page link is active and contains a dedicated Email Link. Be the first to post your message.

4 - The History Project-Website Manager reserves the right to edit any information that is provided for inclusion, and deny posting of any information that is deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for inclusion to this veterans service website.

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