1991 Battalion Time Line
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At the start of the year the Battalion was headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps at Fort Hood, TX.
Exact date unknown - MSR Dodge, Saudi Arabia Approximately two weeks before the start of the ground war GEN Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of coalition forces, orders the movement of VII Corps and coalition forces further west along MSR Dodge (Pipeline Road). The hasty movement of thousands of troops, materials and vehicles along the MSR created major headaches for the Battalion MPs.

7 January - MRS Dodge, Saudi Arabia  PFC  Hans C. R. Avey age 21 of Falls Church, Virginia, a mechanic with the HQ Detachment of the 411th MP Company was killed in a vehicle crash on MSR Dodge when his HMMVW struck a deuce-and-a-half head on. His passenger, SSG Tina M. Donaldson, also of the 411th, survived the crash with minimal injuries.

12 January - Washington, D.C. The United States Congress authorized the use of military force to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. Soon after, the other states in the coalition did the same.

15 January - Iraq Iraq ignored the United Nations ultimatum of a voluntary unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait.

16 January - Air War Begins President Bush wins congressional approval for his position and orders the launching of the most devastating air assault in military history against Iraqi forces military targets in Iraq and Kuwait. Operation Desert Shield becomes Operation Desert Storm.
Click on antenna icon   President George H. W. Bush announced the start of the operation to the nation.

18 January - Iraq Iraqi forces launch the first of several Iraqi scud missiles attacks on Tel Aviv, Israel in an attempt to draw the Israeli forces into the conflict. President Bush asks the Israeli government for restraint, saying it is an attempt by Saddam Hussein to widen the war and break up the allied/arab coalition.

Exact date unknown - Saudi Arabia - Log Base Alpha The 401st departed the Log Base Alpha staging area shortly after the start of the air war under Operation DESERT STORM, and moved further into desert (west) along Main Supply Route (MSR) Dodge, (Pipeline Road) where they joined several other larger units at another staging area. They were not given any specific assignments other than an occasional MSR checkpoint operation so they spent their time training, readying their vehicles and equipment while they awaited further orders.

24 January - Kuwait - "G Day" (ground war) In a feigning maneuver, GEN Norman Schwarzkopf orders the start of Operation DESERT SABER in which US Naval, Marine and coalition forces launch an amphibious assault along the Kuwait Gulf coast targeting Iraqi defensive positions inshore and on its costal islands, drawing Iraqi forces towards what they thought would be the main coalition attack to free the emirate.

Iraq - At the same time the U.S. VII Corps and coalition forces launched the primary massive armored ground attack from the Saudi border into the Iraqi heartland, north towards Baghdad and north east towards Kuwait, while US Marines attacked north directly into Kuwait. The costal diversion and lightning strike of armored forces from the south took the Iraqi forces by total surprise.
Kuwait - The 411th was told to break camp and follow elements of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Regiment, 1st Marine Division (3/3) who were spear heading the attack into Kuwait’s eastern half with the primary objective being the Kuwait International Airport (KIA). The Marines encountered their greatest resistance from the Iraqi forces in a major battle fought at the airport. As a result of the stubborn defense the airport was shelled from US Navy ships in the gulf causing major damage to the facilities before the Iraqi forces were defeated.



15 February - Saudi Arabia The 838th MP Company, Ohio National Guard was assigned subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade. Most of their time was spent at Log Base Bastogne, Saudi Arabia, approximately 70 miles south of Kuwait. They were assigned duties relative to Main Supply Route Dodge.

27 February - Kuwait City Kuwaiti troops entered Kuwait City  from Saudi Arabia as the spear tip of US and coalition forces, accompanied by the 401st who became part of Task Force Freedom. President Bush announced the liberation of Kuwait, and the cessation of hostilities would be effective from 0400 GMT 28 February. During the ground war the US lead coalition forces destroyed more than half the Iraqi divisions and captured 500,000 prisoners.

     The 401st slept in their vehicles the first two days until being assigned to the port area of Kuwait City where they set up temporary shelter in tents. During their three week stay in Kuwait City the 401st conducted convoy escorts from the city to U.S. bases in Iraq. After a week in the port area they moved their company compound to the outskirts of Kuwait City where they stayed for two weeks. Their primary assignment consisted of force security patrols in and around Kuwait City. On occasion the 1st Platoon was given special assignments. One was at the city airport to secure the aircraft used by the U.S. secretary of defense during his visit, the second was a physical security detail at a house used as the U.S. Embassy.

     The 411th was assigned to the city airport as security and to operate a temporary enemy prisoner of war (EPW) holding facility. They set up tents for their quarters, everything at airport had either been stolen by the Iraqi Army or destroyed during the battle. Set assigned their personnel to form a perimeter around airport, monitored entry points (gates), conducted roving patrols, ad manned the collection point for EPW’s. There were very few EPW’s delivered during their stay at KIA. The few that were delivered had no capture tags which created additional problems. All incoming EPW’s were checked for injuries, provided with the basic necessities, and held for a day before being shipped to Saudi Arabia to larger camp.

        The companies stayed in Kuwait for several weeks before receiving orders to deploy back to Saudi Arabia.

2 March - 2200 Hours - Kuwait International Airport  You didn’t see a thing....and thank you for saving Kuwait   SSG (Retired) Ralph E. Jeffries, Assistant Operations Sergeant, 411th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 1975-1976 and 1990-1993.

3 March - Safwan Iraq Iraq formally acceded to coalition terms for a permanent cease-fire at a meeting at Safwan Airfield in Southeastern Iraq, just north of the Kuwait-Iraq border. The meeting lasted two hours between seven Iraqi Generals and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

    It was observed by coalition generals from saudi Arabia, Britain, France, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, among others. The meeting resulted in Iraqi Generals accepting all of the U.S.-led coalition's conditions for a permanent cease-fire.

3 March - Kuwait International Airport   Do you know who I am !   SSG (Retired) Ralph E. Jeffries, Assistant Operations Sergeant, 411th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion,1975-1976 and 1990-1993.

10 March Operation DESERT FAREWELL began to move 540,000 American troops out of the Persian Gulf.

18 March - MRS Dodge  SGT Mark J. Gologram, age 23, of the 838th MP Company (Ohio National Guard), 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade, was driving his patrol vehicle on Main Supply Route Dodge, Saudi Arabia, during Operation DESERT STORM when it collided with another military vehicle. He was killed instantly.

SGT Gologram

Exact date unknown - Kuwait The 401st was ordered back into Saudi Arabia and again held in a staging area at the intersection of the Dhahran Pipeline Road and the Kuwait-Riyadh road in the Wadi Al Batin,  just south of Hafar-al-Batin. They stayed a week during which there were no outside assignments, just compound area security and equipment inventory to prepare for their return home.

        The 411th was ordered to  Ra’s al Mish’ab,  twenty kilometers south of the town of Kafgi on the coast. While awaiting further orders they were assigned to perform force protection and perimeter security.

        One evening during their 5-6 day stay, excessive fog covered the area and a US C130 carrying 93 Senegalese soldiers crashed at the Ra’s al Mish’ab Airport as they returned to their base near the Gulf after a pilgrimage to Mecca. The flight to Mecca was their reward for participating in Operation DESERT SHIELD/STORM. SGT William H. Sutherlan and PFC Scott V. Walter responded to the crash scene and risked their lives attempting to rescue the crew and passengers. The two MPs would later be awarded the Army Commendation Medal for their efforts.

Exact date unknown - Saudi Arabia Battalion Headquarters, the 401st and 411th returned to Dammam and King Abdul Aziz Port where they stayed in a building like a gymnasium. There were no duty assignments, just inventory and equipment maintenance preparing for their return home. The Battalion vehicles were convoyed to Kafchee Port for transport by ship back to Beaumont, Texas.
Exact date unknown The 838th MP Company, Ohio National Guard, assigned subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade on 15 February, was reassigned to the 210th MP Battalion when the 720th deployed back to Fort Hood, Texas.

Exact date unknown - Operation PROMOTE LIBERTY The 410th MP Company was again deployed to Panama for their second tour in support of Operation Promote Liberty.

13 April HQ Detachment, the 401st and 411th MP Companies (minus a trail party of the 411th) departed Saudi Arabia on DC10 Sun Country commercial jets and landed at Fort Hood, Texas.

21 April The 411th Trail party that remained behind to clean and prepare the Battalion vehicles for seaborne transport departed Saudi Arabia for Fort Hood, Texas.

Photographs ~ Operation Desert Shield-Storm
411th- SP4 John Arnet, SGT Steve Garwood and PFC Alfred Jones.
Photographs ~ Fort Hood, Texas
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