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At the start of the year the Battalion was headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps at Fort Hood, TX.

Exact date unknown - Kuwait The 401st MP Company, minus their 1st Platoon who arrived with HQ Detachment 3 December 2004, arrived in Kuwait and spent their first week in theater test firing weapons at the range, receiving theater operation in briefs along with classes on Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's) and other dangers they could face in Iraq. Most of the company flew from Kuwait to Baghdad while a small contingent rode the ground convoy into Iraq. The company, originally to be assigned in the north was instead assigned to FOB Cuervo with Battalion Headquarters Detachment. Their mission is to replace the 984th MP Company (Red Dogs) from Fort Carson, Colorado.

Salute To The 720th MP Battalion and 401st MP Company Operation Iraqi Freedom-I CPT (MAJ) Marc C. Blair, Commanding Officer, 401st MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade, 2002-2003.
Wanted: Photographs of 401st area and the training facilities at FOB Cuervo. Please contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link at the top of this page.

  The 401st immediately began its equipment inventory and maintenance along with transitional training (right seat / left seat rides) with the MP’s of the 984th. Their primary mission will be reconnaissance and security patrols in the Baghdad and Abu Graib areas, and providing force support and security for the upcoming Iraqi national elections. Their quarters at FOB Cuervo were vastly improved from their previous tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom-I where they spent much of their time sleeping in the desert.

30 January - Iraq The Iraqi people gathered throughout the country to vote in their first free election in over 50 years. The Iraqi people chose representatives for the newly-formed 275-member Iraqi National Assembly. The voting represented the first general election since the United States-led 2003 invasion of Iraq, and marked an important step in the transition of turning control of the country over from United States occupation forces to the Iraqis themselves.

   The newly-elected transitional Assembly will write a new and permanent Constitution for Iraq and will also exercise legislative functions until the new Constitution comes into effect. Two parties supported by the majority Shi'a (or Shiite) Muslim community between them won a majority of seats, while parties representing the Kurdish community will also be strongly represented. Parties representing the Sunni Arab community boycotted the elections and some armed Sunni groups threatened election day violence. There were 44 deaths around polling stations in at least 9 separate attacks on election day. With a total of some 8.4 million votes cast, a 58 % turnout, the Iraqi Electoral Commission considers the election to have taken place without major disruption. Voter turnout ranged from 89 % in the Kurdish region of Dahuk to two percent in the Sunni region of Anbar.

   Iraq's interim constitution, Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period, requires a two-thirds majority of the new Assembly to select the new presidents, who will appoint the Prime Minister who will take office after receiving a simple majority vote of confidence from the Assembly. Eighteen Governorate Councils and a 111-member council of the Kurdistan Regional Government were also elected.

   The Battalion Headquarters Detachment (Vanguard), through Task Force Gauntlet, provided personnel and equipment to man a joint Iraq Police and Coalition operations center at the Rustafa Police Headquarters in eastern Baghdad. Members of HQ Detachment S3 (Operations) joined forces with their counterparts of the Rustafa Police force to oversee safety and security. The operations center monitored security of 591 polling sites, 58 police stations, 5 traffic control points, and 7 reconnaissance and security patrols. Battalion Headquarters also monitored and controlled the routine daily operations missions of all subordinate units outside of the special election details. In addition they prepared to conduct combat re-supply to Task Force units in the event of emergencies at any of the Iraqi police stations.

Wanted: Personal stories and photographs of Battalion elements assigned to the national election security assignments. Please contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link at the top of this page.
Exact date unknown - Kuwait The remaining organic units of the Battalion, the 64th (Guardians) and 411th (Grizzlies) MP Companies arrived in the Iraqi theater from Fort Hood, Texas. After the standard equipment and training prep at Camp Udairi in Kuwait they were transported across the berm to Iraq. Both companies immediately instituted relief-in-place operations to bring them up to speed on the use of the Armored Security Vehicles (ASV), Area of Operation (AO), and mission duties.

   The 64th will replace the 272nd MP Company (Fighting Deuce) from Mannheim, Germany, at Camp Rustamiyah.

   The 411th will replace Bravo Battery, G Company (Gladiators) 258th Field Artillery Battalion, Jamaica Queens, New York at FOB Volunteer.

Wanted: Photographs of the 64th & 411th areas at Camp Rustamiyah and FOB Volunteer. Please contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link at the top of this page.
Exact date unknown - Baghdad The Battalion received a number of new gunner turret shields for their Up-Armored HMMWV’s (Hum-vee). The new shields provide enhanced small arms fire protection and allow the gunners the ability to rotate the turret with a crank type system. Previously the gunners had to manipulate the turrets with body strength.

   The 401st MP Company is once again together at Camp Rustamiyah. The 2nd and 4th Platoons ended their Main Supply Route (MSR) mission in support of the 231st MP Battalion in the vicinity of Abu Graib. The company continues their convoy escort, reconnaissance and surveillance patrols in Baghdad. In general the city has been quiet.

   Battalion Sustainer of the Month (support soldier, non-MP), SSG Zarco and SPC Breez (401st) recognized for their contributions to the efforts contributing to the communications functionality of the company.

   401st MP Company promotions, SPC Willet to Corporal, PFC Dolan to SPC, PV2 Beayrd and Baxter to PFC. 2LT Brisbon was transferred to the company and assigned as 2nd Platoon Leader. SSG Loibl was assigned as the 2nd Platoon Sergeant.

27 February - Iraq The 1st Cavalry Division (Ironhorse) 1st Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas, was officially replaced in Baghdad by the 3rd Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne), from Fort Stewart, Georgia. The Transition of Authority ceremony was held at Sahet Alihtifalat Alkubra (Ceremonial Circle) parade grounds.
   During the period of January-March, the Battalion reenlisted 54 soldiers resulting in reenlistment bonus totaling $483,925.00.
Exact dates unknown - Iraq, FOB Volunteer Members of the 411th MP Company, under the umbrella of the 42nd MP Brigade (Fort Lewis, Washington), used the partnering program to assist in the training of Iraqi Police cadets at the Baghdad Police Academy. The MP's works directly with the Iraqi Police Instructors. The class graduates approximately 3,000 cadets per quarter.
   Some of courses are on, law; human rights - how to treat personnel; use-of-force; self defense; first aid; ethics; weapons training, in the use of the Glock-19 and AK-47; and anti-terrorism.
Exact date unknown - Iraq A HMMWV of C Company 1/182 FA (720th MP Battalion) was damaged by an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) and the team gunner, PFC Richardson, was wounded. The driver SPC Eberhart was able to maneuver the damaged vehicle out of the kill zone.
Exact date unknown - Iraq A HMMWV of C Company 1/182 FA (720th MP Battalion) was damaged when it was struck head on by an Iraqi semi-truck while crossing a roadway. 1LT LaPoint, SPC Easlick, and SPC O. Richards were injured and hospitalized.
Exact date unknown - Iraq The 410th MP Company (Bravo Spirit) redeployed from duty in Iraq with the 42nd MP Battalion and returned to Fort Hood, Texas.
Iraq PFC Brianca Natividad, HQ Detachment (Vanguard’s), during the past four months PFC Natividad processed over 256 awards, all previous Hero of the Week and Sustainer of the Month awards, along with over 179 financial transactions for Battalion soldiers.
3 March - Iraq COL David D. Phillips, Commander, 89th MP Brigade Fort Hood, Texas, and former Battalion commander, called LTC Robert M. Taradash, Commander, 720th MP Battalion, at his quarters in Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq. With LTC Taradash on the phone, COL Phillips and all in attendance at the 89th MP Brigade Winter Ball at Fort Hood, stood and drank a toast to 720th Soldiers deployed there.
10 March - Iraq The seven member advance group of the 860th MP Company departed for Iraq followed by two more flights, one on the 18th and the last group departing on the 20th. The 860th MP Company, Army National Guard, Phoenix, Arizona, via Fort Polk, Louisiana (special training with the 519th MP Battalion), departed Fort Polk taking them through Newfoundland and Budapest Hungary before landing in Kuwait. At Camp Buehring (Kuwait) they spent their next 10 days in processing, equipment familiarization and special training before joining the 720th MP Battalion in Iraq. The flights to Baghdad International Airport, on C-130 aircraft, took one and a half hours. The company was transported from the airport to Camp Rustamiya (formerly known as Cuervo) by elements of the 630th MP Company (Mavericks) from Germany.

15 March - Iraq SSG Ricky A. Kieffer age 36 of Ovid, Michigan, a member of C Battery, 1st Battalion, 182nd Field Artillery Regiment (Task Force 720th), was shot and killed by sniper fire while preparing his squad to depart a checkpoint.

18 March A Memorial Service was held for SSG Kieffer.

SSG Kieffer

21 March - Iraq The 860th MP Company started right seat rides [familiarization & orientation training] with the 630th to familiarize the new company to the area and operations.

26 March Members of the Battalion HQ Detachment, S3 Operations shop (Empire), visited the Mother Teresa Orphanage in downtown Baghdad to deliver much needed supplies and bring Easter greetings to the children.

29 March The 860th MP Company under the command of CPT Joshua Munch, took over the duties of the departing 630th MP Company, who returned to their base in Germany.

Exact date unknown - Iraq The following Battalion members (units not identified) were promoted during the months of March-April, 1LT’s Pedro Vasquez and Stephen Dugan to CPT, 1SG Eric Hodges to SMG, SSG Arnetta Williams to SFC, SPC’s William Davis and Jimmy Lujan to SGT, PFC's Laura Jensen, Cedric Jackson and Ryan Grady to SPC.

   The 401st MP Company The Company HQ along with 2nd and 4th Platoons still live and work out of Camp Rustamiyah. The 3rd Platoon works and resides out of FOB Slayer supporting the 42nd MP Brigade.

   The 1st Platoon remains attached to Battalion HQ Detachment and 18th Airborne Corps. (exact date unknown) The following Soldiers were recognized for their tireless efforts, sense of duty, and dedication to company mission success, SSG Miller, SPC Adams, Sean, SPC Martin, SPC McGinnis. (exact date unknown) SGT Pearson was awarded the Commanding Generals Coin of Excellence for exceptional meritorious achievement. (exact date unknown) MSG Snead was reassigned from Platoon Leader to the Company operations cell. SSG Williams was assigned as a new Platoon Sergeant. 1LT Gonzales was transferred in from the 411th and assigned as the Company XO. MSG Pierri was selected to serve as the First Sergeant of the 64th Military Police Company.

   Based in FOB Shield, the 411th (Grizzles) continued with its new mission of Force Protection, instruction of Iraqi Police Cadets at the Baghdad Police College, and highway and route security throughout Baghdad. In addition to their combat and training mission they have also been upgrading their living quarters. MSG Pierri of the 401st was selected to serve as the new company First Sergeant.

  Members of the 3rd Platoon, SGT Paxton and SPC Teklinski were selected as the company NCO and soldier of the month respectively. SGT McGee was designated as maintainer of the month for getting all the company weapons up to mission capable status.

   1LT Cobos was moved up from 4th Platoon Leader to Company Executive Officer (XO), 2LT Wille was assigned as the new 4th Platoon Leader, 1LT Gonzales was reassigned to the 401st MP Company as the new executive officer (XO).
Exact dates unknown - Iraq The 42nd MP Brigade authorized the 401st MP Company to wear its patch for wartime service. During the ceremony two members of the company received awards. SPC Matthew C. McGinnis, wounded during an IED explosion received the Purple Heart Medal and SSG Michael S. Hernandez received the Army Commendation Medal (Meritorious Service) for being selected as the III Corps and Fort Hood Noncommissioned Officer of the Year for education.
Iraq - The 64th based at Camp Rustamiyah, continues its new mission of support of the Iraqi Police services (IPS). The Guardians on a daily basis visit the Iraqi Police Stations and repair and inventory weapons, provide apprehension classes and other law enforcement training. The most important function however is coaching and mentoring them with the emphasis on conducting police work instead of "street justice." Their Area of Operation (AO) involves daily interaction with three separate Iraqi District Commanders.
   1st Platoon (Stryker) 64th MP Company is in direct support to 1-13 Armor [1st Battalion,13th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division] located in Taji, Iraq. Their mission consists of the training, mentoring, monitoring and joint operating two Iraqi Police Stations, Tarmiyah and Mishahdah. They were responsible for finding one unexploded, Improvised Explosive Devise (IED), gathering intelligence on a suspected IED manufacturing plant and apprehending one insurgent digging a hole for a future IED.
Iraq - Alpha Battery (Mustangs), 1/151st Field Artillery Battalion There were few changes in company operations. The 1st Platoon is working at several new Iraqi Police stations, with the 2nd and 3rd Platoon Iraqi Police stations remaining the same. 1LT Johansson organized an Arabic class in the evenings for the company soldiers to learn to speak and write in Arabic. The company is hosting two imbedded reporters from the Star Tribune, (St. Paul & Minneapolis) Mark Brunswick (reporter) and Rick Sennott (photographer).

   313th MP Detachment (Black Sheep) Based in FOB Shield with their new neighbors the 411th, the 313th continues its mission of instructing Iraqi Police Cadets at the Baghdad Police College with 34 soldiers on staff. Nine others from the 313th are continuing their missions in support of the Iraqi Police Services at Camp Liberty, Camp Falcon, the International Zone, and Camp Rustamiyah.

   C Company, 1st Battalion, 182 Field Artillery (Deuce) Currently the company elements oversee 30 Iraqi Police stations continuing their missions of Inspection, Force Protection and Mentoring.

   SPC Summers, SSG Oswald, SPC Carlson, SGT Rivera (Nomads) and SGT Vickery have all received the company’s nod as heroes of the week for the end of March and month of April. Additionally, SGT Rivera and SGT Vickery went on to take the honor of Battalion Hero of the Week for their quick thinking to aid wounded Iraqis.

   During the month 15 members of Company C, 1st/182nd reenlisted, SGT Dickie, SGT Quick, SPC Charlie, SGT Hatfield, SPC Matthews, SGT Swanson, SPC Ehrig, SGT M. Napier, and SSG Wrubel. SGT Simms took a 1 year extension to advance in rank.

   860th MP Company (Desert Reapers) The Reapers remain headquartered at Camp Rustamiyah with their 3rd Platoon assigned to a security mission north of Baghdad and 1st Platoon, 1st Squad stationed at Camp Victory conducting security escorts for the 42nd MP Brigade. In addition to their primary mission company members also stand guard duty in the perimeter towers of Camp Rustamiya and conduct security surveillance on contracted civilian employees working inside the camp.

2 April - Iraq The 401st MP Company conducted a Change of Command ceremony with the transfer of authority between the outgoing Commander CPT Jennifer J. Knight, and the incoming commander CPT Kendrick L. Lusk.

14 April - Iraq The 411th MP Company long awaited barracks renovation began: 18 air conditioners were installed; all room were painted; doors and ceiling fans installed. In the following weeks all rooms will have carpeting, mirrors and equipment hooks installed.

16 April - Iraq PFC Aaron M. Hudson age 20, of Highland Village, Texas, a member of the 401st MP Company, was mortally wounded from shrapnel as the result of an improvised explosive devise detonating next to his vehicle while assigned as the gunner in his MP team performing convoy escort security between Baghdad and Camp Asheraf, Iraq. Others on the escort mission were, CPT Kendrick Lusk, SSG Gomez, SGT Price, CPL Seth A. Johnson, SPC Delrosario, SPC Hornsby, PFC Fryer and PFC Robertson.
PFC Hudson

23 April - FOB Shield, Iraq The 411th MP Company in conjunction with Kellogg’s Brown & Root sponsored a "Fight Night" at FOB Shield.

27 April - Task Force 720th hosted its first Battalion level Gauntlet Games festival known as "Task Force Games." During this intense competition each company provided teams to complete in a variety of events: basketball, volleyball, and Junk Yard Wars.

        The culminating event was the Junk Yard War. During this event, each company was required to construct a catapult, with limited resources and time, which was capable of hurtling a water jug. Each unit was given points based on its performance in each event and after all points were tallied, the 401st MP Company took first place in the overall competition and was named the winners of the Task Force Games.

   401st MP Company HQ along with 2nd and 4th Platoons, continue to live and work out of Camp Rustamiyah. Third Platoon resides on FOB Slayer and is tasked to support the 42nd MP Brigade, while 1st Platoon remains attached to HQ Detachment, 720th MP Battalion and XVIII Airborne Corps. The unit continues to perform a myriad of missions in support of the 720th MP Battalion throughout central Baghdad and Iraq.

1 May - Camp Rustamiyah, Iraq Still operating out of Camp Rustamiyah the 64th MP Company have fully engaged the Iraqi Police Services (IPS) in all aspects, recruited and shipped over 100 IP applicants, and escorted dozens of special purpose missions. They continue training the IP’s to police their neighborhoods and conducted joint (instructional) patrols. During the first IP recruiting drive, for just over 100 slots, over 2,500 perspective Iraqi applicants applied. Those accepted were required to be able to, read and write, pass a background check, and a physical training test before they were escorted to the Police Academy in Baghdad. The 1st Platoon replaced 3rd Platoon at Camp Cooke in Taji

   1SG Guthrie of the 64th was reassigned to Battalion, 1SG Perrie of the 401st was transferred to take his place.

Exact dates unknown - Iraq Elements of C Company, 1st Battalion, 182 Field Artillery currently oversee 30 Iraqi Police stations. Duties have shifted slightly since the last update from Force Protection and Mentoring to Joint Patrols and Weapons Training (AK-47, Glock 9mm and BKC Automatic Machine Guns). SGT Alzner and SSG Mintock were chooses as the company’s Sustainers of the Month. Their dedication, along with all of the maintenance section soldiers, have allowed our soldiers to not only keep their vehicles rolling and on missions, but also 10 & 20 level standards.

   The 313th MP Detachment (Black Sheep) is still living and working out of FOB Shield providing instructors for the Baghdad Police Academy. FOB Shield is now about one third of its original size, with constant activities continuing to improve, upgrade and remodel the current structures. The phone center has expanded and a small trailer PX is in place along with a new barber shop. The weather is also changing, with temperatures ranging from 100 to 110 degrees and expected to climb to 140 degrees by summer.

   401st MP Company's SPC Breese, a communications specialist, was recognized as the Sustainer Of The Month for his proficiency on the Blue Force Tracker” system. His efforts enabled the company to maintain visual / digital communications with distant elements conducting combat support missions while operating on the battlefield.

   The Iraqi Police Service (IPS) graduated 1,903 from the Baghdad Police College. The Baghdad class included 45 female police students.

14 June - Mosul Iraqi Security Forces supported by elements of the Task Force Baghdad's, 720th MP Battalion captured al Qaeda's top operative in Iraq's Mosul region without incident. Muhammad Khalaf Shakar, also known as Abu Talha, is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's most trusted operations agent in Iraq.
  Wanted: Names of any participants, personal accounts and photographs of the incident, please contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link above.
15 June - Baghdad Iraqi Police supported by elements of the Task Force Baghdad's, 720th MP Battalion conducted an early morning raid of a terrorist safe house in eastern Baghdad. Seven suspected terrorists were captured, along with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, 29 AK-47 assault rifles, four bolt-action rifles, an automatic rifle, a motorcycle, four cases of 7.62 mm - ammunition, and three boxes of fuses.
  Wanted: Names of any participants, personal accounts and photographs of the incident, please contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link above.
19 June - Iraq 2LT Randolph and PFC Timothy J. Hines, Jr. of the 64th MP Company were both seriously wounded when their vehicle was destroyed by a roadside improvised explosive devise. Both MP's were returned to the states for intensive medical treatment.
  Wanted: Photograph of 2LT Randolph, personal accounts and photographs of the incident, please contact the History Project Manager via the Email Link above.
27 June - Baghdad  2LT Matthew S. Coutu   age 23 of North Kingstown, R.I. 2nd Platoon, "Wolfpack." Platoon Leader of the 64th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, was killed in action by small arms fire while his unit was investigating a car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq.
2LT Coutu
14 July - Washington, D.C. PFC Timothy J. Hines, Jr., 21 of Fairfield, Ohio, a member of the 64th MP Company, died on 14 July at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C., from wounds sustained on 19 June in Baghdad.
PFC Hines

27 July - Ashraf, Iraq SPC Adrian J. Butler, age 28 of East Lansing, Michigan, and SPC John O. Tollefson, 22, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, members of the 411th MP Company, died when an improvised explosive device detonated near their HMMWV during a patrol in Ashraf, Iraq. SGT Tony Wood was seriously wounded but survived.

SPC Butler
SPC Tollefson
Exact date unknown - Fort Hood, TX The 110th Military Police Company (Sentinels), Commanded by CPT Shawnette M. Rochelle, and 1SG Jonh Challis, already serving under the 89th Military Police Brigade at Fort Hood, was assigned subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion.
15 August - Hawaii COL Roderick G. Demps, age 45 former Battalion Commander, June 2000 to June 2002, died suddenly during a morning run at Scholfield Barracks, Hawaii.
COL Demps

Battery B, 1st Battalion, 623d Field Artillery (Kentucky Army National Guard) stationed at Logistic Support Area Anaconda (LSA), Iraq, joined Task Force 720th MP Battalion.    Battery B was previously assigned to the 503rd MP Battalion (Airborne), 18th MP Brigade. Their mission changed from convoy escort security to main supply route (MSR) security patrols. They have also increased their participation with the Iraqi Highway Patrol (IHP) as well as the responsibility of another IHP station and academy.

26 August - Iraq Members of the Battalion, Chaplain (CPT) Steven Slauson, PFC Bianca Natividad, HQ Detachment, SPC Robert Gregoire, 411th MP Company, and others yet to be identified, volunteered their services to assist at a local orphanage. MP’s bring joy to orphans, volunteers
Exact date unknown - Rustimiyah Members of the 720th Military Police Battalion, (company unknown), operating in support of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), set up three stations in a Rustimiyah building designed to train Iraqi Police lieutenants and captains to conduct crime scene investigations. U.S. Soldiers train Iraqi Police on ‘CSI’ skills
20 September - Iraq Elements of Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 151st Field Artillery "Mustangs," subordinate to the 720th MP Battalion, seized U.S. and Iraqi money and identification cards during a house search.
23 September, Friday SGT Andrew J. Derrick, age 25 of Columbia, SC, a member of the 411th MP Company, was killed in action when his dismounted team came under attack by enemy forces using small arms fire near Baghdad. SGT Derrick's assignments included force protection and the training of Iraqi Police.
SGT Derrick

3 October - Najaf Elements of the 411th MP Company (subordinate to the 42nd MP Brigade) participated in a village cordon and search in Najaf.

Exact date unknown - Baghdad Elements of the 411th MP Company (subordinate to the 42nd MP Brigade) participated in a cordon and search in a neighborhood in Baghdad.

15 October - Iraq The Iraqi's once again went to the polls in a National Election, this time to vote on the referendum for their new constitution. The successfully national election resulted in 79% of the Iraqi people supporting the referendum with only two provinces voting it down. All Quiet on the Baghdad Front By Michael Yon.

C/1st/182nd (Wolverines) Were responsible for security in Sadr City, the vast slum that comprises more than half of Baghdad's six million or so people.

Commanded by CPT Donald R. Meeks, Jr., the 64th MP Company (Guardians) was supporting two large police districts, including 184 polling sites. All told, 34 Military Police companies were sponsoring districts in Baghdad, but the 64th was the only company supporting two districts.

A/1st/151st (Mustangs) were responsible for security in the Karrada and al-Madaan districts, and 119 polling sites.

19 October - Iraq 64th MP Company, CPT Donald R. Meeks, Jr. transfers command of the company to CPT Chad Froehlich.

23 October - Baghdad Four members of the 411th MP Company were on a convoy patrol in Baghdad when an enemy roadside bomb (IED) destroyed the Humvee they were traveling in. Three occupants of the vehicle were wounded SGT Kenny Olsen, SPC Bryan T. Anderson and another yet to be identified. Quick reaction at the scene by other team members in the patrol saved the life of the most seriously wounded MP, SPC Anderson, who lost a hand and both legs in the explosion. Injured in Iraq, A Soldier Reclaims His Independence

History Project Managers Note SPC Anderson was the second Battalion MP to become a triple amputee. Thirty-seven years ago PFC James R. Brunotte, of Bravo Company was seriously wounded and his partner killed when their jeep ran over a large Viet Cong land mine in South Vietnam on 1 October 1968. PFC Brunotte lost part of an arm, both legs and was blinded in one eye. SPC Anderson is showing the same determination and courage in living a full life after his injuries as did PFC Brunotte.

Exact date unknown - Fort Hood, TX The 110th MP Company recently completed two weeks of field training, transforming war zone issues into "muscle memory" at a West Fort Hood training site in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Iraq. The training site and company external evaluation (EXEVAL) were designed to replicate the conditions and missions that the 110th Soldiers will soon encounter in Iraq.
6 November - Ashraf, Iraq The 110th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, deployed from Fort Hood, Texas to the Iraqi theatre where they were assigned to Camp Ashraf under Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-07.
Exact date unknown - Iraq SPC's Gary M. Bird, Jeff J. Crawford, and McVey of the 4th Platoon, 64th MP Company, were promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
10 December - Adhamiyah SGT Julia V. Atkins age 22 of Bossier City, LA, a member of the 64th MP Company, was killed in action when an improvised explosive device detonated near her HMMWV during patrol operations, Adhamiyah district of north Baghdad. SGT Atkins becomes the first female MP in the Battalion's history to be Killed In Action.
SGT Atkins

15 December - Iraq An estimated 10 to 12 million Iraqis went to the polls in a heavy turnout during the national elections to elect the country’s first permanent parliament since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. The day was remarkably peaceful. The Sunni Muslims turned out to vote in large numbers.

   The broader participation promised to make the new National Assembly far more representative than the outgoing one, which drafted Iraq's constitution. It remained unclear whether Iraq’s feuding ethnic groups would be able to overcome their differences in political negotiations and avoid a slide into open civil war.        The 2nd Platoon of the 64th MP Company was assigned to the Al Ademiyah Police Headquarters during the elections. It would be their last large scale assignment for this tour. Their trip to the HQ from Rustamiyah was not uneventful when vehicle mechanical problems delayed their trip for several hours. It began when a trailer that they were carrying broke down in Baghdad and had to be recovered. No sooner did the wrecker depart the site when an ASV developed a power train malfunction slowing its speed to 10MPH.

   The six day election assignment was quiet with a great voter turnout, great security by the Iraqis, and no issues for the 2nd Platoon.

22 December - Fort Hood, TX The 401st MP Company returned to Fort Hood, Texas from their deployment in Iraq. The MP’s will celebrate a four day holiday before beging their re-integration process.
24 December - Iraq The 64th MP Company completed the customs inspection of their gear and were prepared for their upcoming departure from Iraq and return to Fort Hood, Texas. Following the inspection the company held a Christmas party and enjoyed a dinner of grilled hamburgers, hotdog's, and thanks to a mistake by the dining facility they were also able to eat some BBQ Chicken. The party supplies (45 boxes) were provided by the company Family Readiness Group (FRG) at Fort Hood.

25 December, Christmas Day - Iraq The 64th MP Company spent the day in a rest and relaxation mode in Iraq. SGT Samuel L. Robinson (2nd Platoon) organized a company poker tournament and the proceeds ($1,000.00) went towards the fund for a future memorial at Fort Hood. Members of the Iraqi Police Liaisons and Camp Rustamiyah Fire Department also participated.

Photographs ~ Operation Iraqi Freedom
050605, 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon, 64th “Wolfpack,” at Al Sha'ab.
061405, 2nd Platoon, 64th enjoying fun day BBQ at Camp Rustamiyah.
081105, 1st Platoon, 401st at Gauntlet Base, FOB Rustamiyah.
081105, 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, 401st at Gauntlet Base, FOB Rustamiyah.
081105, 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, 401st at Gauntlet Base, FOB Rustamiyah.
081105, 2rd Squad, 1st Platoon, 401st at Gauntlet Base, FOB Rustamiyah.
082005, SGT Stephanie White, 64th on patrol in the al-Zohour section of Baghdad.
M00032 082605, PFC Bianca Natividad, HHD assists at the orphanage.
M00020 092305, SGT Andrew J. Derrick, 411th training an Iraqi Policeman in Rustafa.
100305, SPC Villegas, 411th pulls security during a cordon search in Najaf
2005, SSG Beth Griffith and SGT Brad Paxton, 411th.
M00038 2005, SPC's James Smith and Jared Wescoat, 411th.
M00039 ?
2005, PFC Kyle Davis, 411th in his HMMVW.
M00040 ? 2005, 2LT Bryce Wilkie, 411th at Rusta
Photographs ~ Fort Hood
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