2006 Battalion Time Line
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89th Bde.
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At the start of the year the Battalion was headquartered subordinate to the 89th MP Brigade, III Corps at Fort Hood, TX.
11 January - Killeen, TX The Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity, supported in part by the United Way of the Greater Fort Hood Area, and the 720th Military Police Battalion worked on the Morgan family home Fleetwood Avenue in Killeen, Texas. The 720th is a longtime supporter of Habitat for Humanity, and last year, during Christmas time, the 720th volunteered many different days on the Habitat home on Santa Rosa just before deploying to Iraq.

22 January - Fort Hood, TX The 411th MP Company (Speed & Power) returned home to Fort Hood from Operation Iraqi Freedom-III. They returned to a rowdy and enthusiastic reception, at the 13th Corps Support Command Physical Fitness Center. The 89th MP Brigade Commander COL Michael Galloucis had nothing but praise for the redeploying Soldiers of all the units. One wounded Soldier in particular received accolades from COL Galloucis. SPC Bryan Anderson, 411th MP Company lost both his legs and his left arm in October when a roadside bomb detonated just as his vehicle passed by.

   “If you ever want to meet a Soldier who completely encompasses the seven Army Core Values, it’s this Soldier here, SPC Anderson.” When the Soldiers were released from the formation, they scrambled to seek their families amongst the chaos that filled the gym.

27 January - Fort Hood, TX The 64th MP Company (Guardians) returned home to Fort Hood from Operation Iraqi Freedom-III. They returned to a reception at the 13th Corps Support Command Physical Fitness Center where the families and loved ones were waiting with excited anticipation. The 64th MP Company performed most of its missions in the Al Zuhour and Ademiyah Police Districts of Baghdad. According to CPT Chad Froehlich, their commanding officer, most of their missions involved teaching, mentoring and coaching the Iraqi Police in these districts.

20 March - Fort Hood, TX The 720th MP Battalion was recognized for its efforts during the earliest part of Operation Iraqi Freedom with a Valorous Unit Award in a ceremony at Fort Hood, Texas.    The Soldiers of The Gauntlet were deployed to Iraq from March 2003 to March 2004, where they operated mainly in Tikrit and Samarra in support of the
4th Infantry Division in the Suni Triangle. They performed many military police missions, including area security, convoy escort, and detainee operations. They also started a program of joint operations with the Iraqi police.

    LTC Robert M. Taradash, Battalion Commander, spoke directly to the Soldiers of the Battalion.

   "Today we honor these Soldiers for their sacrifice and for their courage under fire. You are truly the best of our nation’s youth and your willingness to serve the country voluntarily during a time of war provides a glimpse into the making of our newest, greatest generation . . . As with all medals and ribbons, these have little material value but the sacrifice, service, and valor that they represent are the most valued form of recognition among Soldiers. As we depart the field this morning and begin the transition to other assignments and other professions, I want you to carry with you the spirit of the Gauntlet family that has been burned into you during two years of hard combat. You are taking with you qualities that few in this society have but many cherish."

   Immediately following the award presentation, the Soldiers, their families, and members of the 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association moved to the front of the battalion area for the rededication of the Gauntlet Memorial and the unveiling of an additional marker. The memorial was originally dedicated on 19 January 2002, honoring the Battalion’s participation in World War II; the Vietnam war; and expeditions in Panama, Somalia, and Bosnia. An additional granite slab was added for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.


6 May - Fort Hood, TX Hundreds of boats lined the shores and braved the cool breezes of the early morning and mildly choppy waters at the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area [BLORA], Fort Hood, Texas, for the second annual Fishing for Freedom tournament. Texas Boat World of Killeen and Morale Welfare and Recreation on Fort Hood sponsored the tournament. Texas Boat World, started the competition as a way for people in the local community to spend time sharing their appreciation with the troops for all they do for their country.

       The tournament winners were, SPC Christian Garcia and SPC Austin Morsette from 4th Platoon, 410th MP Company, partnered up with Paul Stokes, owner of Wholesalers Etc. in Temple. The Tournament was Morsette’s first ever fishing trip which landed him his first catch. The team was awarded $9,000 for their whopping 11.57 pounds of bass caught throughout the day.

14 June - Fort Hood, TX The United States Army celebrated its 231st birthday at Fort Hood. The Battalion Color Guard participated in the ceremony.
15 June - Fort Hood, TX The Battalion received two new commanders in a ceremony at Gauntlet Field, Fort Hood. LTC Robert M. Taradash whose command began on 9 June 2004, passed the Battalion colors to LTC Frank Y. Rangel, Jr. LTC Rangel had previously served with the Battalion as its Executive Officer during Operation Iraqi Freedom-I.
LTC Taradash
LTC Rangel
CSM William A. Generali presented his command to CSM J. Drew Craig. CSM Generali served with the Battalion under two commanders and deployed with them to Operation Iraqi Freedom-I and III. It was a double ceremony for CSM Generali whose retirement from the military became effective the end of the day.
CSM Generali
CSM Craig

   The 720th MP Battalion dedicated the 720th MP Battalion Memorial Grove to the the Battalion Casualties from its formation 10 February 1942 to current deployments.

   Built through contributions from the members, the memorial is located at Gauntlet Field, Battalion Avenue and Old Ironsides, beside the Battalion Headquarters at Fort Hood.

23 June - Iraq Members of the 110th MP Company finished a 21 day training session for the First Guard Company Contingent of Kazaniuk, Bulgaria. The training was to familiarize the Bulgarian’s with their security assignment at the Diyala Province Multinational Force Iraq Temporary Interview and Protection Facility.
29 June - Iraq Members of the 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, 110th MP Company were performing a routine 12 hour area security patrol assignment just outside Camp Ashraf, Iraq, about 100 kilometers west of the Iranian border and 60 kilometers north of Baghdad. The focus of their patrol in the late afternoon were a group of buildings just outside the base that were suspected of being used by enemy combatants to conduct surveillance and target an Iraqi check point. As the dismounted patrol was checking the buildings an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) planted under a sidewalk exploded seriously wounding five members of the patrol.

   SSG Eric Reese, SGT Robert W. Krei, SPC Amanda Lynn, SPC Jim Wencil and PFC Jeff Antimary. All five were immediately transported to Camp Anaconda, just outside of Balad Airbase located in Northern Iraq approximately 68 kilometers North of Baghdad. SSG Reese was treated and returned for duty. SGT Krei, SPC’s Lynn and Wencil and PFC Antimary were stabilized and later transported back to the U.S. for further medical treatment. Four hours after being wounded, SGT Krei, while still hospitalized at Camp Anaconda, requested and received permission to reenlist. The ceremony was held in the medical ward.


1 July - Fort Hood, TX The 410th MP Company departed Fort Hood, Texas deploying to Baghdad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08. Their primary mission is to emplace Police Transition teams in the Al Mansour and Abu Ghraib area.


25 July - Baghdad, Iraq SPC Joseph A. Graves, a member of the 110th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade, (subordinate to the 43rd MP Brigade in  Iraq) age 21 of Discovery Bay, California, was killed in action when his convoy escort was ambushed in Baghdad, Iraq.

SPC Graves

19 October - Fort Hood, TX SGT Andrew S. Jones, 411th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade, was awarded the title of Soldier of the Year at a luncheon held at the Fort Hood Catering and Conference Center. Throughout the event, Soldiers competed for points in weapons qualification, common tasks testing including mystery tasks, a physical training test, and a formal board presided over by five command sergeant's major. Jones, who was recently promoted to sergeant, credited those who supported him throughout the competition and added that, without them, he “wouldn’t be standing here today. CSM Neil Ciotola, the III Corps and Fort Hood command sergeant major, hosted the event and opened the awards luncheon by recognizing the units and individuals who supported the competition. During the ceremony, the winners were presented with gifts from Fort Hood area sponsors.

   SGT Jones received a $100 gift certificate from Central Texas College Book Store, a $100 pre-paid long-distance phone card and a leather briefcase from Embarq, $100 cash and a plaque of appreciation from Texas Partners Federal Credit Union, a plaque from Armed Forces Benefits Association, a gold wrist watch and merit award plaque from Geico Insurance, a plaque from Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce, $50 cash and a paperweight from Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce, a $100 gift certificate from Army and Air Force Exchange Service, a $100 saving bond from Texas Society Daughters of American Revolution, a variety of tactical gear from Military Clothing Sales, a seven-inch DVD player with carrying case and assorted movies from Fort Hood National Bank, a leather Lazy Boy chair from Freedom TV and Appliances, a mounted musket valued at $435 from Pioneer Services, a $1,000 savings bond from the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, a set of dress blues and a $35,000 one-year lease of an Automax automobile of the Soldiers’ choice from the Association of the United States Army.

31 October - Fort Hood, TX At approximately 12:30 a.m., the 110th MP Company, 720th MP Battalion arrived at Robert Gray Army Airfield, and then they went to turn in their weapons before boarding busses directed to the Starker Physical Fitness Center where they met their families. A re-deployment ceremony was held to celebrate their return of the 110th Military Police Company, 720th Military Police Battalion, following a year-long deployment to Iraq. MAJ Gen. James. E. Simmons, III Corps and Fort Hood deputy commanding general, welcomed the troops and expressed his appreciation for them and their families. Soldiers and family members cheered and ran to each other across the gym. Cheers, laughter, hugs and tears filled the room as families were reunited after a year-long separation.
5 November, Baghdad, Iraq Saddam Hussein the former dictator of Iraq was convicted of crimes against humanity in connection with the killings of 148 people in the town of Dujail after an attempt on his life in 1982. He was found guilty by the Iraqi court of murder, torture and forced deportation. The Dujail episode falls within 12 of the worst cases out of 500 documented "baskets of crimes" during the Hussein regime. The U.S. State Department says torture and extra judicial killings followed the Dujail killings and that 550 men, women and children were arrested without warrants.
9 November - Baghdad, Iraq SSG Gregory W. G. McCoy age 26 of Webberville, Michigan, and SGT Courtland A. Kennard age 22 of Starkville, Mississippi, members of the 410th MP Company, were killed when an improvised explosive devise (IED) exploded near their patrol vehicle in Baghdad, Iraq.
SGT Kennard

30 December -  Baghdad, Iraq Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator who spent his last years in captivity after his ruthless regime was toppled by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, was hanged before dawn Saturday at 6:10 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET) for crimes committed in a brutal crackdown during his reign. Hussein was convicted and sentenced to death for his role in the 1982 Dujail massacre, in which 148 Iraqis were killed after a failed assassination attempt against the then-Iraqi president.

   Iraq's national security adviser, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, told Iraqi television, "This dark page has been turned over.” "Saddam is gone. Today Iraq is an Iraq for all the Iraqis, and all the Iraqis are looking forward. The [Hussein] era has gone forever." Al-Iraqiya state television aired videotape of Hussein's last moments several hours after the execution. Rubaie, who witnessed the execution, said the former leader was "strangely submissive" to the process. "He was a broken man," he said. "He was afraid. You could see fear in his face." Rubaie said that Hussein carried with him a copy of the Quran.

   The execution took place at the 5th Division intelligence office in Qadhimiya, outside the heavily fortified Green Zone. His death was witnessed by 14 Iraqi officials, no Americans were present. Rubaie said Hussein refused to wear a black hood over his head before execution.

   White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel said President Bush was asleep when the execution took place and was not awakened. The president had been briefed by national security adviser Stephen Hadley before retiring and was aware the hanging was imminent. The White House issued a statement praising the Iraqi people for giving Hussein a fair trial. "Fair trials were unimaginable under Saddam Hussein's tyrannical rule," The statement read. "It is a testament to the Iraqi people's resolve to move forward after decades of oppression that, despite his terrible crimes against his own people, Saddam Hussein received a fair trial."

   Two other codefendants, Barzan Hassan, Hussein's half-brother, and Awwad Bandar, the former chief judge of the Revolutionary Court were also found guilty and had been expected to face execution with Hussein, but Rubaie said their executions were postponed. "We chose to postpone Barzan and Awwad's execution to a later date because we wanted to have this day to have an historic distinction," he said. "We wanted to have one specific date for Saddam so people remember this date to be linked to Saddam's execution and nothing else."

31 December Members of the 410th MP Company (Bravo Spirit) pose for a company photograph in Iraq.
Photographs ~ Operation Iraqi Freedom
010606, 3rd Squad, 2nd Platoon, 64th "Wolfpack" at Al Ademiya.
SGT Seth A. Johnson, 401st MP Company.
Photographs ~ Fort Hood
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